7 Tips to Give Your Facebook Content More Visibility

10%. ! That’s just a few details ready, the organic coverage you can hope for on your next Facebook post. We agree that’s not a lot, especially when sharing relevant content on Facebook.

This is partly explained by the increase in competition, your number of subscribers (the more important it is, the more it decreases), and the change in Facebook’s algorithm. This can be frustrating because communicating on social media takes time. But then, how to gain visibility in this increasingly difficult environment?

Being visible is the Holy Grail when communicating on the Internet and especially via social networks. We will see how to improve the visibility of your content on Facebook using 7 tips. 

Content shared on Facebook

Before starting to deliver the various tips, it is essential to work well on its content. First, it is about knowing your audience, its target. You should also provide it with quality content and sufficiently relevant to respond to the various issues encountered.

There are many tools to support you in your digital communication, on Facebook, or social networks in general. Remember to use the most interesting and especially those that will save you precious time. Tools for sharing content allow you to work on inbound marketing levers via marketing automation to deliver qualitative emailing.

All these additional levers will strengthen your visibility and attract more people to the channels where you are present. You will engage, retain, and build your fingerprint over the months to establish your expertise.


Stories are not very popular on Facebook. They nevertheless allow them to stand out because, like Instagram, they appear at the top of your news feed. Even today, they represent a real opportunity because few companies use them. This makes it very easy to appear on your subscribers’ news feeds and get their attention.

For example, every time I leave a new post on my Facebook page, I copy it and place it in stories to prevent that a new post is released. This way, I increase my organic coverage for these posts every time.

It is, therefore, a good way to improve your Facebook visibility.

As proof, the social network Linkedin recently announced its desire to integrate the stories format eventually. For its part, Twitter has also launched this format with Fleets. The more creative and spontaneous companies are, the more successful the stories.

Tip: Before you jump into Facebook Stories, think about your marketing strategy. Ask yourself when to use Stories and what to talk about. The important thing is to be consistent. Stories remain active for 24 hours.

To create a story, simply click on the + of your photo, then create a story.

The See first parameter

The “View First” setting on Facebook is a little trick that really helps boost your visibility. An average user follows 89 pages. This implies that depending on the time he connects to the social network, he has very little chance of encountering your post.

To alleviate this problem, you can instruct your subscribers to turn on the See First feature. This will display your post at the top of the news feed when the user logs in. Interesting to increase your visibility … no?

How to set it up?

You can simply make a post on your Facebook page telling your subscribers what to do. Then, to have a maximum of commitment, work your Hook (the hook, that is to say, the first 3 visible lines). You should have a few people who will carry out the manipulation.Facebook Application


Facebook provides you with statistics that allow you to see the times when your fans are online. Take advantage and post at the best time to increase your organic coverage.

You can also view the publications that have worked the best or follow your close competitors. With this data, you will really be able to improve your performance and gain visibility.

Everything happens in the Publications tab. Go check it out!


Some companies use chatbots, while others reject them. They, therefore, create debate. So much so that Facebook has decided to hide the feature on its next version of Messenger.

I am one of those who believe that properly used chatbots can be of interest to you. Why?

Let’s take a look at what the Mobile monkeys platform can do, for example :

  • Automatic handling of anyone who tries to send you a message,
  • Quick presentation of your company’s products/services,
  • Reaction to automatic comments with a personalized message
  • Integration on your website
  • RSS feed sharing

Honestly, if you work on your strategy, you will have plenty of great options to create a successful user experience. If your visitors respond to you, you can even send them automatic notifications (newsletter, new product, etc.). This is possible within 24 hours of your last exchange. Enough to offer you great opportunities and, above all, good visibility.

For information, the free version of Mobile monkey allows you to perform the tasks mentioned above.

Facebook Lives

They are spontaneous and unifying. Facebook Lives are even more powerful than videos. It’s like showing yourself to your followers without filters and want to share a moment with them. Facebook gives more visibility to this particular format because it knows that it easily generates engagement. It generally works well as long as your audience is aware of the event.

Facebook Lives also allows you to better retain your audience by putting yourself on the stage. You will thus create proximity with your community and gain visibility as a result.

To start a live, go to your Facebook page, then click Create a post and Stream live.

Tip: Promote your live or event at least 2 weeks in advance to keep your audience informed.Facebook Content

Facebook Groups

During its last keynote, the blue giant announced that it wanted to offer more visibility to groups and promote their proliferation. Therefore, it is more interesting than ever to create your Facebook group to unite people around a common goal.

The interest of the latter is twofold. First, you can gain visibility, and then it brings you closer to your members. Moreover, it is a clear fact that Facebook users communicate more easily in groups.

Advice: Find the biggest problem for your target and make a group dedicated to exchanging and sharing. Nothing will prevent you from subsequently highlighting your know-how.

Your Circle of Close Friends

Facebook algorithms boost your publications according to the interest they present: like, share, comment. Here, our interest is in shares because they will naturally increase your visibility. This is where your circle of close friends comes in.

The idea is also to drive traffic to your website when you share quality content from it.

By sharing your post, family and friends help increase its visibility. It’s a simple trick that can help you a lot.

Tip: Ask your circle of close friends to share your post if possible within an hour of posting your post for maximum exposure.


Despite the fall in organic reach, we have seen that there are still good tips to give your Facebook content more visibility. The list presented is not exhaustive. It partly relates to the tests that I could carry out on my social networks.

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