Twitter Fleets: How to Use the New Twitter Stories Feature

Twitter has introduced a new feature with Fleets. These are tweets that get deleted after 24 hours. Fleets are intended for short messages that can only be read online for a short time. With this, Twitter wants to lower the inhibition threshold for new users. A new area has been created for ephemeral messages that otherwise might not be posted at all – Twitter fleets.

This means messages that are automatically deleted after 24 hours. We already know this from networks like Facebook and Instagram. Interaction with Twitter fleets is, however, limited. Neither retweets nor likes are possible. You can only write a direct message.

Start of Global Deployment for Twitter Fleets

Fleets can contain images as well as videos. They come with different backgrounds and text formats. If you want to tweet about a fleet, all you have to do is hit the share button below the short message to broadcast the message as a fleet.

Twitter is rolling out the fleet with immediate effect worldwide for iPhone and Android smartphone users. The feature will be available to all members in the coming days. Auto-erase messages have enjoyed great popularity on social media for many years, with Snapchat is a pioneer in this area, together with Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other services. Only Twitter had no such option – until now.

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