How to Download Audio From Facebook Video

Scrolling through the Facebook Home, did you notice a video with an audio that you particularly liked? Would you like to download only the audio of the video, but you don’t know how to do it? If the answer is yes, I’ll tell you right away that you have come to the right article. In fact, in this short guide, I will show you two simple procedures that will allow you to download the audio of the Facebook video with extreme simplicity.

As you surely already know, Facebook does not implement any function that allows you to download video or audio from the various content posted. However, thanks to some free services available online, it is possible to carry out this procedure.

So, if you are interested in the topic and want to find out how to download audio from a Facebook video, I suggest you read all the next paragraphs of this very interesting article.

How to Download audio from Facebook video

As mentioned above, Facebook does not allow you to download audio from videos posted by its users. However, you can carry out this procedure using a third-party service available online completely free of charge. Here are some you should try.


The easiest and fastest way to get an audio from a Facebook video is to use the service offered by Getfvid. Its operation is straightforward. Here are all the steps you need to take.

  • Locate the video from which you want to extract audio, then click on it to open the Facebook player;
  • Click on the three horizontal dots present at the top right;
  • Click on “Copy link” ;
  • Access the Getfvid page ;
  • In the form in the center of the page, paste the link copied earlier, then click on the “Download” button ;
  • Wait for the video to be processed and then click on the “Audio Only” button ;
  • In the window that opens, click on the three vertical dots in the audio player, then click on “Download”.

As an alternative to the method seen above, you can download the audio of a Facebook video using the service offered by In this case, however, you will download the entire video, so later, you will have to extract the audio from the video through another service or with a third-party program. Here’s how to do it:

  • Get the video link, with the procedure described in the previous chapter;
  • Go to the site ;
  • Paste the link in the form in the center of the page, then click on the “Download” button ;
  • Wait for the video to be processed, and then click on “Download video from file.

Once the video has been downloaded, you will have to extract the audio from it. To do this, you have two possibilities: use another online service or carry out the procedure through a third-party program.Getfvid Video downloader

Online Audio Converter

If you want to extract audio from downloaded video using an online service, I recommend using Online Audio Converter. Here’s how:

  • Access this page ;
  • Click on the “Open file” button ;
  • Select the video, then click on “Open” ;
  • Click the “MP3” button ;
  • Click on the “Convert” button ;
  • Wait for the file to be converted, and then click on “Download”.

Using VLC

If, on the other hand, you prefer to use a third-party program, I suggest you use VLC. If you have not yet installed it, access this page to download the software and then click on the “Download VLC” button. Once the download is complete, double-click on the file you just downloaded and follow the steps shown on the screen to complete the program’s installation.

To extract audio from a video using VLC:

  • Open VLC;
  • Click on the item “Media” present at the top left;
  • From the menu that opens, click on “Convert / Save” ;
  • In the window that opens, click on the “Add” button ;
  • Select the video you want to convert;
  • Click the “Convert / Save” button ;
  • Do click on the drop-down menu next to the “Profile” item and select the “Audio – MP3” item ;audio from Facebook video
  • Click on the “Browse” button and choose the location to save the audio;
  • Click “Start.”

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