Why You Should Buy a Facebook Ads Account with Business Manager

Facebook is one of the most famous social networks today, exceeding 2 billion monthly users. Such a large audience attracts many companies, projects and other sites that need advertising. Official advertising on the social network itself costs a lot of money, and not many can afford it, so most customers offer advertising cooperation with accounts that have at least a small audience. Should you buy a Facebook ads account or create one?

Each Facebook user can start using this social network as a platform for their earnings. Having gained the necessary audience on your page, a Facebook advertising account will attract potential customers. But what if you can’t reach the audience you need? Buying a Facebook account for advertising will be the easiest solution to this issue because it does not take much time to start such a business.

Buy Facebook Accounts for Advertising

Facebook attracts arbitrageurs with a two billion audience. It is well known for its strict approach to advertising and habit of banning on any suspicion. One person can create one account from his computer, communicate, create and promote communities and publish ads. But no one is immune from blocking. If you want to continue using Facebook, the only way is to shop for new accounts.

The active attraction of traffic from this social network and its sites is often accompanied by a ban and the launch of advertising from a new account. This is a continuous and inevitable process.

Buy Facebook accounts for advertising – save your time to achieve your goals.

The Main Characteristics and Sale of Facebook Ads Accounts

For a Facebook advertising account to be blocked, you must violate the rules of this site. To minimize the risks of blocking, you must follow the rules and buy a Facebook account for advertising. Also, you will not receive a permanent block on your Facebook ad account if:

  • the account will have an avatar;
  • the presence of subscribers and friends;
  • the profile is well-filled. The region, gender and other data are indicated;
  • one direction of activity is set, and it does not change dramatically;
  • no active mailing;
  • does not exceed the limits of likes and reposts;
  • there are no profile complaints.

You can create a Facebook advertising account, but it will not have a history. Therefore, it is better to buy it. All provided Facebook ad accounts for sale have a different purpose. They can also be with a specific rating and without.

We recommend that you decide on your goals before buying. Why do you need an account?

Why does Facebook Block Accounts?

As practice shows, Facebook blocks user accounts for the following reasons:

  • Login to your account from different cities and countries;
  • A mismatch between the name of the account owner and the credit card;
  • The use of virtual cards or cards issued in a different country than the user is used to pay for advertising;
  • A sharp increase in advertising costs or replenishment immediately for a considerable amount;
  • Complaints about content on a personal page;
  • Replenishment of the advertiser’s balance from a card that has already been used in another account;
  • Inability to withdraw money from the linked card;
  • Indication in the advertising campaign of a domain that has already been used by another blocked advertiser;
  • Login to your account through a proxy or VPN that is on the blocklists;
  • Login to different accounts through a proxy of the same range;
  • The presence in the browser of cookies of another account that has been blocked;
  • Adding a user to the ad account who managed another previously banned account or business page.why buy Facebook advertising account

What are the Pros and Cons of Buying Facebook Accounts for Advertising?

There are dozens of reasons why the largest social network on the planet bans users:

  • for “unusual” activity,
  • violation of advertising rules,
  • spam

This is with only one account. For mass traffic production, you need a lot of them.

At the same time, Facebook’s position is very simple: one user on one computer can work through one account. Everything else is a violation. If you want to use many accounts for arbitrage, you need to hide from Facebook that these profiles and advertising cabinets belong to the same owner.

Buying Facebook accounts for advertising has several positive and negative qualities. We will analyze everything in order.

Pros of Buying Facebook Advertising Accounts

  • No waste of money and time for promotion- Creating a new account to sell advertising on it, you will undoubtedly have to spend a lot of time and money on its promotion. And having bought a ready-made account with an existing audience, initial promotion is not required.
  • Delivery the very next day– By purchasing a ready-made Facebook account, you can get cooperation on advertising the very next day. By highlighting your account in popular groups, under a video, or personally writing with a proposal for cooperation, you can immediately attract potential advertisers.
  • Low entry threshold- If we compare advertising on third-party resources, where the price is set immediately, which many advertisers do not like, then using an advertising account, you can run ads for less money.
  • Stability- High-quality cooperation with several partners can drag on for a long time, which will allow you to consistently make a profit from your account.
  • Flexible and free schedule– Over time, an advertising account can begin to generate sufficient income, where everyone chooses the mode of operation for himself.

Cons of Facebook Ad Accounts

  • Trust in cooperation- When you order advertising from bloggers or famous personalities on their social networks, everyone understands that behind all this is a specific person responsible for advertising, and there will be no problems in the future. But when the customer sees an account tailored for advertising, you may encounter distrust and cooperation may go according to the customer’s conditions.
  • Costs for further promotion– When purchasing a ready-made Facebook business account, you should understand that you should not stop there. To attract more attention to your account, you will have to promote it.
  • Big competition– If you take all the bloggers, promoted social accounts, and networks, you can see quite a lot of competition. Therefore, starting to earn on your account, you will have to do a lot of work.

Why Buy Facebook Ads Accounts Instead of Registering One

Since Facebook uses a digital fingerprint of the system, if you manage to create a second account from your computer, even when registering through a proxy, it will be quickly blocked.

You can use multi browsers and dedicated servers to register and smoothly develop accounts on your own. In this case, the arbitrator will not be engaged in traffic production and earnings but will spend time on non-core work. It is more rational to buy ready-made accounts on the exchange.

Facebook accounts are bought for arbitrage for several reasons:

  • If the main profile is blocked, but you need to run ads;
  • For experimentation or risk-sharing;
  • To get a lot of traffic using mass liking, mass following and other spam methods. In this case, you need many accounts.
  • Shops or stock exchanges of ready-made accounts save time for an arbitrator.

How to increase trust in a purchased account

If you just bought an account, do not immediately go to Facebook. First, on a browser, visit several popular sites and log in to one of them through the Facebook plugin. You can increase the profile trust by imitating a “regular” user and the gradual development of the account:

  • Gradually add friends: today one person, tomorrow 10-20 of his friends, repeat this every day with a small number of users;
  • Subscribe to publics, put likes, and comment on other people’s publications;
  • Post regularly on your wall, use geolocation tags;
  • Post posts that will provoke likes: interesting facts, tips for a healthy lifestyle, recipes, harmless funny pictures;
  • Create photo albums and gradually fill them up.

Recommendations before launching ads

Before sending traffic to profitable but dubious offers, we recommend doing the following:

  • Create a page for a product or service that is not commercial but informational (“Tips”, “Tricks”, “It’s interesting”), carefully design it and fill it with posts;
  • Divide each stage into several days: creating an account in Facebook Ads, an advertising campaign;
  • Before creating an advertising campaign with a link to the landing offer, use the “Boost Post” function with broad targeting and show this ad for two to three days.
  • In the future, we recommend increasing the budget of advertising campaigns gradually.
  • Advantages of Facebook as a traffic source

Since the social network brings together many people, finding the target audience for many goods and services is possible.

Advantage of old Facebook ads accounts with logout

FB treats a new user with suspicion, especially if he actively starts creating pages, inviting friends or creating advertising campaigns. To avoid blocking or requiring selfies to verify their identity, they use accounts with tracking.

These are profiles registered several years ago, completed and confirmed by mail. Such accounts have not been subject to any suspicious activity and are no longer considered new, requiring special monitoring. As a rule, the seller with each account gives his cookies.

Practice shows that old Facebook accounts are blocked much less frequently than new ones for the same actions. Usually, profiles with a history of several years have more limits on adding friends or sending messages. Less often, they must verify their identity via SMS or using a selfie. And if you don’t have accounts prepared a couple of years ago in this social network, then you can buy them from those who are professionally engaged in farming.

Why buy Facebook ads accounts with friends

The natural development of a Facebook user profile takes time. To start generating traffic right away, you can buy accounts already promoted, with personal data filled in, similar to a real user and with several hundred friends involved.

Facebook ads account with friends will come in handy in the following cases:

  • If SMM (social media marketing) requires a lot of profiles with specific interests, gender, geography and other user parameters;
  • To promote communities or pages;
  • If there is no time to gradually develop an account, then it is easier to buy a ready-made account already with a history.

How to reduce the likelihood of a Facebook ads account ban

In terms of blocking, Facebook is a black box. Arbitrageurs do something with it and look at the result. The exact algorithms for checking profiles or a complete list of criteria for “unusual actions” are also unknown. All information about the work of live moderators and robots of this social network was obtained experimentally.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

  • Many users – more than two billion on FB and more than a billion on Instagram;
  • Variety of ad formats: mobile and desktop ads with image, video, and lead forms;
  • Many ad placements: Facebook and Instagram website and app, FB messenger, partner sites (Audience Network);
  • Different payment models: for impressions, clicks or conversions;
  • Lots of targeting options.

When placing ads on FB, you need to select a target. For affiliates, only two goals are of practical value:

  1. Traffic (redirect to an external site on click) and
  2. Conversions (if it is possible to install a Facebook pixel and transmit conversion data).

If you decide to buy traffic from this social network on the official exchange, you may find the checklist for setting up Facebook ads useful.

In addition, using SMM methods or just competent spam, you can also get free traffic from this network.Facebook Ads formats

Facebook Ads Formats

An advertiser can use the following types of ads:

  • With one image and one link. Published in the Facebook and Instagram feed, in the right column on the Facebook website. In addition to the photo, you need to specify the title, ad text and description of the link. The ad has an action button with one of 14 options;
  • A video ad consists of a video, a title, and one link. Video parameters: aspect ratio 9:16 to 16:9, duration from one second to 240 minutes and the file size no more than 4 GB, H.264 is recommended, but many other popular formats are supported;
  • A very efficient format. The ad consists of 4-10 cards, each with a separate picture or video and a link. It is very convenient to emphasize several advantages of one product or suggest modifications to the main model;
  • Slideshow is an optimized ad format for mobile, even on slow internet connections. Consists of 3-10 separate frames combined into one video and with one common clickable link;
  • Instant Experience (previously called “canvas”) is a full-screen ad format for mobile devices. Inside it, you can use other types of ads (images, videos, slideshows or galleries).

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