What is a Midi Tower Case?

If you want to assemble your own computer, so you don’t want to buy it “off the shelf”, then you have the choice between a wide variety of hardware components. And a very important component is the PC case and its size. You can roughly distinguish between desktop cases, midi towers and big towers. By far, the most popular variant is the midi tower, and for this reason, I would like to introduce you to this PC case in more detail.

How big is a midi tower?

The Midi Tower is larger than a normal desktop PC case but not nearly as big as a Big Tower. You could still place it on the desk without any problems.

Nevertheless, the midi tower offers enough space to install complex hardware in it. And since expensive hardware usually gets quite warm, there are several options for installing PC fans. And so, through the use of LED lighting and transparent sidewalls, a real eye-catcher can also be created visually.

This is exactly what makes this PC case so popular.

This type of housing usually has up to four installation bays for optical drives such as DVD drives or burners, even if these are rarely needed in today’s streaming and co. But in most cases, it doesn’t work entirely without an optical drive.

However, it must also be clearly stated here that there are all sorts of manufacturers on the market who want to win the favour of buyers with their PC cases. And so, the selection of the right midi tower may not be so easy at first glance.

After all, as a PC hobbyist, you can choose between housings in a price range from $40 to over $200. Here, you have to make a clear decision based on your requirements and taste.midi tower

Which mainboards fit in midi towers?

If you have settled on a certain PC case, you may also ask yourself the next question: Which mainboards fit in a midi tower?

Fortunately, this question is quite easy to answer because there are different standards. In general, one can say that the ATX mainboard format always fits in a midi tower. So you can install a motherboard in ATX format in your new midi tower without any problems. It will always fit, regardless of the manufacturer. And that’s good to know if you want to buy a mainboard.

But the ATX format isn’t the only one that you can use. In most cases, you will also have the option of installing mainboards in micro ATX or mini ITX formats.

In case of doubt, looking at the manufacturer’s information on the corresponding PC case will help.

My conclusion: the Midi Tower

If you want to assemble a PC yourself, you can do nothing wrong with a midi tower as a PC case in most cases. You can use common mainboard sizes, and these housings also offer plenty of other options for installing sophisticated hardware.

And since a PC doesn’t have to look boring, many manufacturers offer transparent side windows and extensive LED lighting to turn the case on the desk into a real visual highlight.

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