How to Choose the Right Monitor for Your Gaming PC

To enjoy the latest video games to the fullest, you not only need a gaming PC with a powerful graphics card and CPU but also a suitable gaming monitor that can take advantage of all of these. Choosing the perfect new gaming monitor can be challenging. However, there are tons of options and specifications to consider today.

Gaming: more than just a hobby for nerds

Gaming is more popular worldwide than ever before. It has developed from a niche hobby into an established leisure activity that many now view as a cultural asset in its own right.

This is also because, in 2021, there will be a more diverse range of games than ever before so that you can find the perfect game for every taste. Last but not least, thanks to the latest technological innovations, the visual and artistic quality of the graphics and storytelling is now so sophisticated that the gaming experience is even more intense, and you can completely immerse yourself in the game world.

The video game industry sets the standard for digital offerings

The great popularity of digital and virtual video games means Internet users now have similarly high demands on other digital offerings in terms of visual quality as well as the flexibility of formats and personalization.

This can be seen, for example, in the world of online casinos, which are becoming increasingly popular all over the world thanks to ongoing licensing processes. The operators of these virtual arcades have long been oriented towards the latest innovations in the gaming industry to offer their customers an optimal and contemporary gaming experience.

Innovations have already been announced, such as the introduction of augmented and virtual reality in online gaming. This clearly shows how much the gaming industry is now influencing digital trends.

Find a monitor for the best gaming experience

According to a representative study, one of the greatest incentives for playing video games for almost half of all gamers is to get deep sensory impressions and to immerse themselves in exciting stories. To make this possible, there is no avoiding up-to-date, high-performance equipment. A suitable monitor as a visual display is particularly important.

Especially for newcomers, but also for die-hard tech nerds, it is usually not that easy to determine which monitor is best for a gaming PC and the existing equipment.

The overall package has to be right

Basically, before buying a new gaming monitor, you should be clear about one thing. The slowest component in a computer mostly determines its performance. This means that even if you have the best graphics card in the world but a slow monitor with poor color reproduction, the gaming experience will still not be optimal. On the other hand, having a fantastic screen but an outdated graphics card leads to the same result.

So before you blindly invest a lot of money in a new gaming monitor, you should make sure that all the equipment is solid and up to date. Monitors usually outlast the life of graphics cards, so it is generally worth spending a little more money on a function that you may only be able to use after a later upgrade.

The most important features of a gaming monitor

Which specific monitor is best for a particular gaming PC depends mainly on its equipment. Nevertheless, there are a few points and specifications that every monitor has and which you can use to assess whether it can provide the right performance:

Screen size

The screen size is mostly determined by the space available on the desk. Most gamers generally prefer a size between 24 “and 32”.


The size of the monitor determines the appropriate resolution. A Full HD resolution is usually sufficient for smaller screens. However, the larger the screen, the higher the resolution – up to 4K.

Frame rate

The frame rate indicates how often the monitor updates the displayed content per second. Higher values ​​are better. Simple screens and televisions usually reach around 30 Hz. However, 60 Hz is the absolute minimum for gaming monitors.

Response time

The specified response time relates to the fastest possible pixel transition from one shade of gray to another under specific test conditions. It is not the average speed. If you want a fast gaming monitor with little or no visible trailing behind fast-moving objects, you should look for monitors with a specified response time of 1 ms GtG (not MPRT) or faster.


High Dynamic Range (HDR) improves image quality even more than high resolution. The particularly bright and lively color contrasts in HDR images make a big difference to older display systems. However, you have to ensure that your own operating system, the graphics card, and the game in question support HDR.


These days, the standard ports are DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB Type C / Thunderbolt ™ 3. Other factors such as audio output, USB ports, and the number of connectivity options are also important. Anyone who needs a monitor to connect a desktop, laptop, or game console should think ahead here.

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