Use Single-GPU or Dual-GPU Graphics Card in the Gaming PC?

Do I need more than just a graphics card these days, or is it enough if I have a powerful single-GPU graphics card? Is it worth installing more than one graphics card on my gaming PC? What are the benefits of dual GPUs outside of gaming? We have all the answers in this article.

Differences between single-GPU and dual-GPU graphics cards

The difference is already clear from the name. With a single GPU, the computer uses one graphics card, and with a dual GPU setup, you use two graphics cards. There is also sometimes talk of a tandem, which means that the computer uses two or rarely even more graphics cards.gaming GPU

Advantages of a single GPU graphics card

The advantages of a single GPU are that a high-performance graphics card is often cheaper than a dual GPU. You can get powerful graphics cards for between $300 and $600. However, some representatives are significantly more expensive.

Most modern GPUs can display high-performance games in a standard 1080p quality without problems. This also includes newer offshoots, such as the new Battlefield 2042, Call of Duty Warzone, and many more.

Disadvantages of a single GPU graphics card

The disadvantages only exist for those users who want to get the maximum out of their games and are not afraid of any price to achieve a comparatively small increase in frames per second.

With the help of several graphics cards compared to just one, the utilization of a graphics card is lower, but the power consumption increases, the noise level rises, and the PC generates more heat.

A dual GPU setup is only worthwhile if you have a suitable, high-quality power supply unit.

Benefits of a dual GPU

With the help of a dual GPU, the PC achieves more performance in games, but also in general. In addition to the incline, it is also possible to connect more than four monitors with a dual GPU setup. This must also be possible if you are using two ten-year-old GPUs.

Therefore, the number of screens should not be a decisive reason to purchase another modern and possibly expensive graphics card.

The same is possible, for example, with an RTX 2070 and a Quadro K620, i.e., a newer and an extremely old model.

Disadvantages of a dual GPU

With a dual GPU setup, users complain more often about problems that do not arise with a single GPU setup. So-called micro-stutters are often complained about.

In addition, major graphics card manufacturers are focusing less and less on dual GPUs, such as Nvidia or AMD. The priorities are that the end-user uses a single graphics card, at least when it comes to gaming.

The beginnings, such as the dual GPU technology from Nvidia, SLI, or the alternative from AMD, Crossfire, are hardly used anymore. Many users have long described them as dead because they are practically no longer used.the best graphics card

Dual GPU apart from gaming

Regardless of high-resolution graphics and high FPS, dual GPU setups can be significantly more useful in other areas. Using multiple graphics cards can be extremely useful when rendering 4K videos, for example.

Several graphics cards are loaded, and the process takes less time on average.

Conclusion: Are single GPU graphics cards currently still worthwhile?

Single GPUs are definitely worthwhile for the average gamer. Most players do not need extremely high resolutions or have screens with very high refresh rates so that a certain, relatively high minimum number of frames per second would have to be achieved.

There are enough powerful graphics cards on the market that can achieve very good benchmarks in brand new games. In addition, the price for graphics cards is currently extremely high due to the use of powerful graphics cards in crypto mining.

Personally, I would advise against a dual GPU setup, at least if you want to use it exclusively for gaming and not additionally for video editing.

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