Refresh Rate: How Many Hz Should a Gaming Monitor Have?

The gaming scene has evolved over the past few years. From early tournaments to eSports, there have been big leaps. If you want to buy a gaming PC these days, sooner or later, you have to deal with the right monitor. And here, it is about much more than just the design or the brand. It is not without reason that there are gaming monitors in a price range between 260 and 1400 dollars or even more.

The refresh rate, also known as Hertz (Hz), is particularly important. What refresh rate, i.e., how many Hz, should a good gaming monitor have, and which values ​​are suitable for which user? The following article will answer all these questions and more.

What is the refresh rate?

The refresh rate is a value that reflects the number of frames per second. The higher the value, the more images can be displayed accordingly. If you place a lot of value on smooth gaming, you have to look out for high Hz numbers accordingly.

However, the whole thing should not be confused with the frame rate. This is, in turn, given in FPS. For example, if you buy a monitor with 144 Hz, you also need a graphics card that is able to generate at least 144 FPS.gaming monitor refresh rate

What Hz numbers are there?

Gaming has evolved over time. Values ​​of around 60 Hz used to be common. Far better versions are now commercially available. The following list shows what these are and what is suitable for whom.

60Hz monitors

The first variant is Gaming Monitor with 60 Hz. They are particularly suitable for beginners who want to play adventure and strategy games. This is the minimum.

Monitors with 75 Hz

75 Hz is a bit better. Such monitors are also suitable for shooters and racing games.

144Hz monitors

Experienced gamers and professionals are more likely to use 144 Hz. These monitors allow for much smoother gaming and are perfect for competitive shooters.

240Hz monitors

For 240 Hz, you need a strong PC. Especially professional e-athletes use these models because they offer the most.

Between the models mentioned above and beyond, there are other variants as well. Ultimately, everyone has to answer for themselves what the monitor wants to be used for.

What other features should the monitor have?

The number of Hz is important but not the only factor. When buying a gaming monitor, the following criteria should also be considered:

  • G Sync/Freesync
  • suitable hardware
  • Size (24 inches, 27 inches, etc.)
  • ultrawide
  • costs


The Hz number, i.e., the refresh rate for a monitor, has become very important. It has a major impact on the gaming experience and can bring advantages to some games. Shooters are a good example of this. Beginners get by with 60 Hz, while ambitious gamers tend to use models between 120 and 144 Hz. It is important to pay attention to this.

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