What Can You Connect to a Smart Plug?

In a world increasingly dense with smart products, it is very likely that you too have more than one at home; a Wi-Fi controllable light bulb, smart plug, a weather sensor, or a thermostat with artificial intelligence. However, some devices could hardly think of replacing them to have smart functions; a clear example is a television. While the latest available devices are almost all equipped with advanced and connected features, it is also true that the transition period has only just begun.

Buying another TV or a new stereo may not exactly be in your best interests, but you can still get additional features through smart plugs. Let’s see how they work with the help of some industry experts we contacted.

What is a Smart Plug?

It is a type of smart socket and refers to a new type of connectivity to the home electrical network that opens up numerous additional possibilities. The theory is that you can install an intermediate socket between the wall socket and the device to control all the devices connected to a smart plug through your phone. You can turn them on and off from another room. You can also do this away from home simply by having an Internet connection.

If you have Google Home or the voice assistant on your smartphone or Amazon Alexa, you can also command them with your voice. They are often integrated with the main hubs for the smart home. For example, you can go home and find a comfortable temperature by simply saying, “Alexa, turn on the heat at home.”

Another useful function is to communicate the consumption of the connected device in real-time, provide statics regarding the switch-on times and notify your phone directly when the connected device is drawing too much current.

How to install a smart plug

As mentioned above, these devices have a plug that you have to insert into the home socket to which the obsolete device is connected and connect the latter to it. At this point, through the manufacturer’s app, you have to search for the device that is discoverable at the time of installation and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. At that point, everything is okay, nothing more simple and immediate.

How much do they cost, and where to find smart sockets

These intelligent sockets are available in all physical or online stores. You can find them together with Amazon or Google Smart Hub. Their cost, separately, ranges from $10 to $30. The more expensive ones also have a multi-socket. You can connect multiple devices at once.

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