How to Listen to The Sound of Your Android TV Through Google Home speaker

Most of our smart devices have a Bluetooth connection. This allows us to connect them to each other. Although in many cases, this depends on their compatibility. Thanks to this quality, you can use these devices to perform actions for which they have not been specifically designed. In this article, we will focus on Google Home speakers.

How to listen to the audio of your Android TV through your Google Home

This is the case with Google Home devices. Its main function is to help you with daily tasks through the voice assistant and control our smart home. But there are many other uses that you can make of them, like the one that we will tell you next. Surely you have seen it millions of times in the movies, or if you have ever been in a drive-in, you will have tuned the car stereo to the drive-in radio station to be able to listen to the sound of the film through the car speakers so that you can hear it more clearly. Avoiding raising the room volume excessively. A very similar effect is the one you want to reproduce but inside your home.

You can connect with our smart speakers via Bluetooth and directly send multimedia content for playback without the need for them to be connected to the Internet. But not only can you connect your mobile phone, but you can also synchronize your speaker with any other device, such as a smart TV. To connect both devices, the first thing is to activate the connection mode in the Google speaker. To do this, open the Google Home application, select the device, and through the gear wheel, access the settings. Once in the menu, access ” audio, “where you find ” disp. Paired bluetooth” At the bottom of the screen, select enable link mode.

Pair Your Device

Now is the time to pair this device with your Android TV. For this, you must access the TV settings, “controls and accessories, “Add new accessory.” Select the smart speaker and click on the link. You will hear a characteristic Google sound when you are ready. The configuration menus may vary depending on the manufacturer’s customization mask, so if you have doubts, it is better to refer to the device user manual.

Once both devices have been synchronized, we will listen to the audio of everything you are watching on your Android TV through your smart speaker. You also have the option of getting a stereo sound and have a pair of pre-paired speakers. With this, you manage to bring the sound closer to you so that if you are watching content at night, you can keep the volume lower, disturbing the rest of the people who live with you as little as possible. It can also be a good alternative for those who have hearing problems and need to set a volume higher than normal to listen to the television. In this way, when bringing the sound closer, you will not have to raise the volume so much to listen to your favorite programs.

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