How to Block Advertising on Smart TV

Last year more and more Smart TVs started showing ads on their screens. Famous brands like Samsung, LG and Sony are already doing this, regardless of the type of model purchased. However, there are several methods to block advertising on Smart TV, let’s see which ones.

How to block advertising on Smart TV

There are several methods to block advertising on Smart TV without installing an AdBlock App. The guide below has been personally tested on both Samsung and LG Smart TVs. However, several of our users have told us that the guide, albeit with different voices on other TVs, works perfectly.

Block advertising on Smart TV via DNS

One of the methods that allow you to block advertising on Smart TV is by changing the DNS.

Enter the Settings of your Smart TV and go to the Network options, or Internet and Wireless according to the brand of the device in your possession. Then select Other Network >  Advanced Wi-Fi Settings and turn off the automatic recording settings or, more commonly, find the manual connection setup item.

At this point, you will find the various items related to the type of connection, such as IP address and DNS, along with other advanced settings. Replace the DNS with “” for the primary and, if necessary, “” as the secondary DNS. Finally, restart the Smart TV and start enjoying the ad-free content.

Block ads on Smart TV via modem

If you have failed to block Smart TV advertising with the above method, don’t be alarmed. There is a second method that allows you to block all types of advertisements directly from your modem or router.

First, find the IP address to access your modem settings. In most modems the address will be . However online you can find all the various addresses based on the make and model of the device in use.

Enter your login credentials. If you haven’t changed your credentials, you will need to enter “admin” as both username and password. Once your login is authenticated, you will need to find the option to block websites (blacklist).

Create a new access profile and enter a name attributable to what you are doing, in our case Smart TV. Edit the profile, then click edit on Websites to block and enter the URLs to be included in the Blacklist. If you are interested, you can find the list of domains to be blocked on the AdAway website.

Block interactive advertising on Smart TV

There is another type of advertising on Smart TV that is less aggressive, but still annoying. It is a technology that tracks all the content you are watching on your TV to deliver more relevant advertisements and extra content.

If you want, you have the option to disable this type of tracking in the following methods:

  • Samsung Smart TV: go to Settings> Terms and privacy> disable “viewing information services”.
  • LG Smart TV : Go to Settings> All Settings> General> turn off “LivePlus”. Then again to Settings> All settings> General> About this TV> User Agreements> and also disable “personalized advertising”.
  • Android Smart TVs (Sony, Sharp, Philips, Panasonic, Toshiba and many more): Go to TV Settings and disable “Interactive TV Service”.
  • Fire TV:  go to Settings> Applications> disable “Collect app and over-the-air usage data”. Then again on Settings> Preferences> Advertising ID> then disable “internet-based ads”.

The instructions provided are for the latest operating system. In other versions, they may change the name of some menus. If you have any difficulties, you can easily write to us on the contact page.

Is it possible to remove YouTube advertising on Smart TVs?

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove YouTube advertising other than to upgrade your YouTube Premium membership.


Now that you know how to remove ads from Smart TVs, you shouldn’t have too much trouble watching ad-free streaming sites. Furthermore, these methods will block all pop-ups from overly invasive sites.

If you know other methods to disable advertising on Smart TV, write us your solutions in the comments.

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