What Are the Main Alternatives to YouTube? The Best 4!

When it comes to video and sharing, the first platform that comes to mind is we all know what it is. But in addition to Google’s social network, there are also other valid alternatives to YouTube, which have nothing to envy to the most famous competitor!

If you want to share commercials, vlogs, corporate videos or any other useful content to promote your company, take a look at the competitors of the “ red tube ” that we will list below. And let us know how it went after you tested them!

Alternatives to YouTube


Dailymotion is probably the best YouTube alternative out there. “Peerage” of the red tube (both were developed in 2005), it is a platform of French origin that has 300 million active users worldwide. In France, it is second only to YouTube and in other parts of the world, the numbers are not so bad. Dailymotion is very easy to use (even if you are a beginner) and has a really large catchment area.


Vimeo is the anagram of “Movie” and “Video” with the addition of the word “me” in its center. Born in 2004, this platform was primarily designed for uploading more artistic videos. Not surprisingly, it is possible to upload videos in 4K and HD, as well as take advantage of video editing programs. There is a free version and other paid packages. Unlike YouTube, there are no items that group the “ current trends.” Rather, the contents are divided into simple categories. In addition, you can use Vimeo Analytics to monitor the progress of your uploaded videos. You can also take advantage of the Vimeo School section to understand how to structure them to promote them on the platform.

Tik Tok

We cannot fail to mention Tik Tok in the list of alternatives to YouTube when it comes to video. The social network born in China in 2016 is, perhaps, a more teen and dynamic version of the red tube. As you know, on Tik Tok, you can produce the videos you want by simply creating your company account. You can use filters, make use of custom backgrounds, you can add the background music of your choice and upload the clip you want. It is the perfect social network if you want to target your business to a large but very young audience.

Instagram TV (IGTV)

There are those who prefer to post their videos on YouTube and those who have found the real solution to share their content on Instagram TV! Unlike direct or Storieson Instagram TV, you can upload videos already made in a few simple clicks. You can choose the cover image of the content, and you can also re-share it in parallel on your Facebook company profile. In short, a valid alternative to YouTube, which allows you to “work” with your followers on Instagram without necessarily having to open an account on the Google home social network.

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