The 10 Best Podcast Apps for Android

Android has many applications for listening to the radio, and streaming music platforms are experiencing a true golden age. Podcasts are not far behind, and although a few years ago we only had a couple of excellent podcast apps, today the options are extensive and for all kinds of audiences.

If you still do not know what podcasts are, they are something like “radio on demand.” Most are programs made exclusively for the Internet, although there is also content directly extracted from conventional radio stations. In the world of podcasts, there is room for everyone!

The Best Podcast Apps for Android

Next, we review some of the most outstanding applications to listen to this type of content on mobile or through an Android device. Which one do you stay with?


We begin our particular review of the best podcast apps with one of the oldest apps in the sector. iVoox has countless podcasts, from radio shows to thematic channels, and one of the application’s strengths: iVoox Originals, or what is the same, exclusive iVoox self-created podcasts. 


Google Podcast

One of the most downloaded podcast apps for Android. The app allows you to download the episodes to listen to them offline. It has several customization options and content on all kinds of topics such as comedy, news, history, music, and songs. You will also get business, film, and television studies. Let’s not forget health and fitness, technology, art, science, sports, politics and more.

It has some handy functions, such as the ability to skip silences, speed up the playback speed, pick up where you left off, or the timer, among others. Its interface is very simple and intuitive.



Although Spotify is better known as a music streaming platform, it also offers hundreds of podcasts, many of them of high quality. One of its great advantages is that you can listen to the latest album by your favorite artist or group and then go on to listen to a good podcast without having to change applications. Everything in the same place. Comfort personified.

On a quantitative level, it does not have as many podcasts as other specialized apps, although the content it presents is quite good in general.



Podcast platform specialized in offering quality content. It incorporates a large local selection of podcasts and audiobooks. But undoubtedly, the jewel in the crown is Podimo’s exclusive programs (more than 1,500 podcasts), covering topics such as true crime, personal stories, entertainment, or personal development.

It works through a paid subscription of $4.99 per month, although it offers a free 14-day trial to enjoy and learn about the service.


Podcast & Radio Addict

A centralized application from where you can manage podcasts, audio books, live broadcast radios, RSS, YouTube channels, and Twitch from one place. The app also allows you to search by name or keywords using the Podcast Addict, Apple Podcast, or The Podcast Index search engines (more than 50 million episodes).

A complete app with audio effects (speed, volume readjustment, silence bypass), playlists, local MP3 player, automation, storage in SD, and backup copies.


Podcast Guru

One of the big drawbacks that you can find in podcast apps is that they sometimes are full of ads. Podcast Guru, however, differs from the rest by being an ad-free podcast app.

The interface is very friendly, allows you to browse by categories, and even offers compatibility for Chromecast.



One of the podcast apps with the highest volume of content on the market. It has more than a million channels and 95 million podcasts in 70 different languages. Castbox was selected as one of the favorite apps of Google Play users. Within its extensive catalog, it offers audios of all kinds: from podcasts, through radio programs, and even audiobooks.

An exciting app to listen to podcasts on Android. It is also ideal for students and those who want to learn a new language.   



One of the best-rated podcast apps on the Play Store with 4.7 stars. As a podcast player, it is very efficient. It has a very well-designed interface and functions that allow you to do advanced searches, navigate between new trends, topics, or categories, and obtain recommendations based on your history.

With Podbean, you can also download the audios to listen to them offline. It offers compatibility with Chromecast, Android Auto, and integration with Amazon Alexa.  


Podcast Tracker

The perfect podcast app for those looking for a high level of customization. Podcast Tracker offers a super-advanced configuration menu from where you can tweak all kinds of aspects of playback, navigation, and options.

Although in this sense, it is light years from other podcast players. It also has its small defects, such as the absence of some languages in the options and navigation menu. Otherwise, a highly recommended app.


Podcast Go

Podcast Go has the distinction of having been selected by Google to be part of the Google Play Pass, which gives it a certain prestige. This podcast player has more than 300,000 programs in popular categories such as comedy, music, news, games, or education.

The application has everything we can expect from a good app to listen to podcasts. Download audio for offline playback, playlists, speed control, timer, bookmarks, etc.


Player FM

A really popular podcast player on Android with over 5 million downloads and a 4.6-star rating. It allows you to automatically download programs to listen without the internet. It is compatible with SD cards to save internal storage space, and it also offers cloud synchronization (you can stop playback and continue where you left off on another device).

Besides all this, it is also compatible with Android Auto, Chromecast, and WearOS. It has more than 20 million audios of both local and international programs.


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