Top 5 Universal Apps to Root Any Android

Rooting an Android phone is always something that gives a little respect. It is a delicate process that if it goes wrong, can mess up your device. But there is no need to be overly alarmed either. Normally, most popular Android smartphones have their own path to root and achieve the desired administrator permissions. Sometimes they are simple methods and other times they are a bit more complicated.

The 5 best apps to root any Android phone

But if you are a first-time user just don’t want to complicate your life –being a little lazy will also be forgivable. In that case, you can make use of the well-known universal rooting applications for Android.

These types of apps take advantage of certain vulnerabilities to gain superuser privileges and are compatible with a large number of brands and models. Next, the 5 best apps to get root on Android almost without breaking a sweat.


Probably the best free tool to root Android. One of its greatest advantages is that it is capable of obtaining root without modifying the system partition, which brings many advantages to the user (for example, the phone is capable of passing integrity tests such as those of SafetyNet).

It also has a multitude of modules that you can install separately, such as Xposed Framework, GravityBox, and Viper4Android.


KingoRoot is an app similar to KingRoot, with little more than one extra letter in the app’s name. Copy or clone, the thing is it works. Here is a list of compatible devices to root with KingoRoot.


One of the most widely used applications to root from PC today –although it also has an app version for Android-. It works from Android 2.2 and in addition to being used to root more than 8000 devices, it also allows you to go back and remove the root. Download from the official website of VRoot.


ToweRoot is a rooting app that was originally created to root the Samsung Galaxy S5, but in theory, it works with any Android device after June 2014. You can download the APK file from the TowelRoot official website. You simply have to click on the orange symbol that appears on the screen.


Wondershare is a developer that has a multitude of data recovery tools, backups, and the like. Among all its software catalog, you also find Dr.Fone-Root, an application that today in 2022 is considered by many to be one of the best universal applications for rooting.

The program gains administrator permissions through a system exploit and is compatible with more than 7,000 Android phones. It works from Android 2.1, and among its functionalities it also allows you to undo the root in case at some point you want to go back. Of course, be careful because many tools and functions of dr.fone are paid.

See more details on dr.fone website

the best apps to root an Android phone

A couple of recommendations before finishing

Whatever your situation, remember that when you root an Android terminal, you are touching the “guts” of your device. This means that it is a delicate process and there can always be something that goes wrong. Let’s keep it in mind!

To avoid a mishap as far as possible:

  • Make sure the device is fully charged before you start rooting.
  • If you connect it to the PC, remember to activate the “USB debugging”.
  • If there is an exclusive method to root your terminal, it will always be much more secure and reliable than any universal app. The risks will be much lower.

A rooted device offers you total control over your Android device and allows you to better manage the terminal’s battery, make better backups, install ROMs, use more powerful WiFi tools, and endless other options and customizations. In short, it lets you get more out of your mobile or tablet.

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