The 10 Best Apps for Halloween

This Sunday, October 31, Halloween night will be celebrated. A holiday that has its origin in the United Kingdom more than 3.00 years ago. It comes from the English expression “All Hallow’s Eve”, or similarly, the Eve of All Saints.

To celebrate this special and spooky day we have compiled some applications according to the dates we are in. Let’s put on our favorite witch, zombie, or vampire costume and take a look at these fun little crazy things.

Make Me a Zombie

” Make me a Zombie ” is a web application, so it is not necessary to install anything on your device. Just open the browser, upload one of your most flattering selfies, and let the artificial intelligence do the rest. As a result, you will see how you would be if a zombie apocalypse had taken over the Earth and you were infected to the core.Make Me a Zombie Halloween app

Terrifying music and sounds

If you like disturbing sounds and want to give your house a really tense and spooky atmosphere, you cannot miss the “ Spooky Sounds for Halloween ” playlist. Simply click on the link and the Spotify app will automatically open. From here, if you feel a chill that goes up your back, rest assured that you are not the first to experience something like this.

Other Spotify playlists to set the Halloween night musically:

  • Ultimate Halloween: Includes songs from bands like The Rolling Stones (Sympathy for the Devil), David Bowie (Scary Monsters), or Ghost (Square Hammer) among others. | Open list in Spotify
  • Halloween Party: Includes songs like “Ghostbusters” (Ghostbusters OST), “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, or “Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys. | Open list in Spotify

Halloween stickers for Telegram

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by sending a few themed stickers to your Telegram contacts.

  • Scream: In this sticker pack we find 25 stickers based on Ghostface, the villain from the Scream slasher saga. Some of these stickers are just hilarious. | Download stickers
  • Freddy Krueger: A classic of horror movies and costume parties from around the world. A magnificent collection of 20 stickers focused on the evil antagonist from A  Nightmare on Elm Street. | Download stickers
  • Stay Spooky: Holiday-cut stickers based on the famous grim reaper and his characteristic scythe. This pack includes 40 stickers that are certainly not wasted, perfect for Halloween. | Download stickers

horror stickers

Halloween stickers for WhatsApp

If you are more than chatting on WhatsApp, here you will also find a few pretty decent sticker packs.

  • Stickers for WA – Halloween: With this collection, you will get 10 packs of stickers with terrifying themes, monsters, and others for WhatsApp, directly taken from Telegram. Includes stickers of Spooky Cat, Pumpkin, Catrina Calavera, Friendly Death, Myths and Legends, Miss Devil, HP Lovecraft, Morgana Witch, Plague MD, and Jack Pumpkinhead. | Download stickers
  • WAstickerApps Terror and Fear Stickers: Compilation with 7 packages of stickers for Halloween from Telegram. Includes stickers for WhatsApp of Pennywise, Freddy Krueger, Jason, Chucky the doll, Voldemort, The Adams Family, and Death. | Download stickers

Ghost detector

This is one of the most popular applications on the Android Play Store, with more than 10 million downloads behind it. It is a paranormal activity detector with which you can identify ghosts by reading various sensors. It is a joke app since everyone knows that ghosts do not exist … right?

Halloween Recipes

A recipe app for cooking on Halloween. Includes free recipes for appetizers, snacks, cookies, cupcakes, cakes, drinks, main dishes, desserts, and much more, all decorated with special motifs.

Ideas for homemade Halloween costumes

If you are still not sure what costume you are going to wear, Pinterest is a great place to get ideas. In the following board prepared by the website of you can find dozens and dozens of costumes for Halloween, some simpler and others more elaborate.

See Homemade Costumes board on Pinterest

Classic Horror Movies on the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive repository has more than 450 classic horror and science fiction films. Many of them are from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. If you like classic cinema you will be happy to know that you can watch and download legendary films like La Noche of the Walking Dead, The Phantom of the Opera, or Lady Frankenstein in the original version.

View Sci-Fi / Horror Movie Catalog at Internet Archive

Halloween movies

Into the dead 2

This game for people over 18 is one of the best zombie titles that you can currently find on Android. An action game where you have to fight your way through a zombie apocalypse in a race to save your family.

The truth is that both the graphics and the rest of the technical section of Into de Dead 2 is very worked, with simple but very addictive game mechanics. The perfect game for a night like Halloween.

Halloween photo editor

The Google Play Store has a lot of image editors. Some of them are specialized in filters and scary effects to get perfect photos for Halloween. Next, we leave a couple of editors of this type, one of them focused more on boys and another on girls.

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