The Best Backup Apps for Android

If you don’t want to wake up one day and see that all the files, apps, and settings on your phone have disappeared, you should consider making a good backup of your device. For this, you can use tools dedicated to making backup copies for Android: some are available in the Play Store, while others require that you connect the phone to a PC.

One of the advantages of having an Android device is that the system itself already has a backup tool developed by Google itself. Thus, you just have to enter “Settings -> Google -> Make backup” and make sure that the “Google One Backup” tab is activated. This will allow you to have a backup copy of your contacts, SMS, applications, and other phone settings.

Combine this with the Google Photos app to save a backup of your images and videos in the cloud and upload the rest of the files and documents you want to save to Google Drive in case of an unexpected disaster. And voila, your back is well covered!

Note: You can also use other cloud storage services like DropboxOneDrive or Mega, etc.

The best backup tools for Android

If you prefer to opt for a more versatile solution that serves to save SMS but also apps, photos, and files, then you can install one of the specialized apps that we mention below.

G Cloud Backup

G Cloud continuously backs up contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, documents, call logs, and more to the cloud. One of the most interesting details is that you can configure it so that it only makes copies when you have the phone charging and connected to Wi-Fi.

The free version of G Cloud offers 1GB of cloud storage (although you can choose up to 10GB for free), being necessary to purchase the premium version to have unlimited space. In any case, it is super easy to configure, and if you have root permissions on the device, you can also make copies of the application settings, game data, and other extra options, which is not bad at all.

Titanium Backup

An android backup tool dedicated exclusively to root usersTitanium Backup has been on the market for years, and today, it continues to receive numerous updates, being one of the most respected backup apps within the Android community.

Allows you to make backup copies of apps and their data, SMS, calls, Wi-Fi connections, etc., syncing with cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive. All with one-click restores, bloatware blocker, multiple copies per application, and a truly extensive list of features. One of the best root apps for Android.

Syncios Mobile Data Transfer

Syncios is a mobile backup tool available on PC (Windows / macOS). It works for both Android and iOS devices, so you can also use it if you have an iPhone at home.

With Syncios Mobile Data Transfer, you can transfer contacts, videos, photos, SMS, applications, WhatsApp, and other data from one Android device to another, and even transfer files between an Android and iOS device. In the same way, you can also make a backup of your phone on the PC without too many complications.

This software is priced at $ 29.95, although there is also a trial version available that you can install to see if it fits what you need.

Super Backup

Super Backup is a good alternative to the backups that Google does natively. Back up and restore apps, contacts, SMS, call logs, bookmarks, and calendars on your phone’s microSD card.

Of course, make sure you save the backup on the external SD card before formatting or doing a factory erase of your Android if you do not want to lose all the data. Combine Super Backup with another cloud storage platform (Dropbox, Drive) to save your photos, videos, and personal documents, and you will have your back well covered in the event of a disaster.

AutosyncAutosync backup

A great backup utility for automatic file backup and synchronization. You just have to select the source folder on your Android device and the destination folder in your cloud storage account. Then choose how to do the synchronization, and Autosync will automatically synchronize both folders.

It is compatible with services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, MEGA, WebDAV, FTP, and LAN / SMB network drives, among others. The app offers a free trial period, although, after that time, it is necessary to buy a license.

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