How to Use a VPN for Android TV Without Slowing Down Your Connection?

A VPN is useful and even mandatory for a Smart TV. For an Android TV, the VPN is necessary even if many report an abnormal slowdown in the internet connection. Streams and some content make the data heavier. Fortunately, tips allow you to better manage your connection and prevent it from slowing down. Thus, the whole family can enjoy good fluidity when searching the Internet and your Android TV will no longer be the only one to monopolize all the data. So, how do you go about it?

Check your VPN server

The VPN is not necessarily the source of the slowdown of your internet connection and other problems. Maybe it’s the server. It may not bear the large demand of users. As the Smart TV engages a lot of connection streams, the server enforces the preference. It’s like with a PC. The flow is simply greater in the machine that needs it the most. When Android TV’s server requests more streams, other devices receive fewer. How to fix the blow? Buy a VPN, i.e. a paid version and not a free version. The overload may be due to the fact that the number of servers on the free VPN is not sufficient to ensure a smooth connection.

Test before use

By testing the VPN on the internet connection, you will know how much speed is supported and how slow the connection is. This test is therefore used to test the compatibility of the VPN with your Android TV. Try connecting the TV to the VPN first, then check the connection stats. Connect other devices, and check again how many connection streams are required.

The goal is to know:

  • Which devices can be used together to keep the connection correct;
  • Which devices are actually slowing down the connection;
  • What devices to avoid when you need to connect your Android TV;
  • How to manage and control Internet use at home?

Manage your internet connection speed

By managing your internet connection speed, you reduce your average connection and increase the connection speed. VPN servers are often the source of slow bandwidth, yes, but not on the first level. This may be your internet service provider. It’s even common, your provider can reduce the flow voluntarily.Android TV VPN

In this case, circumvent this slowdown by using a private connection. You just have to activate your VPN, and that’s it. Since your IP address changes thanks to the VPN, you won’t fall victim to your provider’s tricks. On the contrary, you will be able to enjoy unlimited content and quality streaming as well as sufficient internet speed all the time. The bandwidth limitation being applied only to your IP address.

Move your Android TV and VPN

As with an internet box and connected devices, the distance between your Android TV and your VPN can be the source of your concern. Bringing them closer together increases throughput and bandwidth. In practice, you will have to take into account the distance from the server you are using.

When you connect to a server in the USA while you are in France, the distance will be greater than if you connect to a server in Germany. To benefit from the best possible connectivity, you should simply choose a server in France or in neighboring countries. So, the VPN to buy is the one with the most servers in the world. To know the best servers, do a little test with VPNs from other countries. You’ll find the right VPN for you faster.

Watch free content

Streaming content from other countries is free. They, therefore, do not require a large stream or high-speed bandwidth, let alone an unlimited connection. Thus, they avoid slowing down your internet connection.

To do this, use your VPN and connect to foreign servers. Your IP address will have changed, and it is as if you were resident in those countries. You will be able to watch full streams, original programs and premium content afterwards without using the connection. And when television does not require an internet connection, it remains accessible to other users and completely free. It is therefore unlikely to slow down. In addition, this option remains legal if you connect in countries not subject to georestriction.

Enable VPN and Anti-Piracy

The main role of the VPN is to prevent hacking and theft of personal data. And, usually, the internet connection slows down because someone or more other individuals are connected to it. So you are not the only one using the network, several other people are there and they eat up your bandwidth.

By activating the VPN and the anti-piracy function on each connection, you reduce the risk of slowdowns and increase the connection speed automatically. Some people actually prefer to turn off the VPN because they think it helps them have a better stream. But it’s wrong. This produces the opposite effect.surfshark VPN

Choose a quality and efficient VPN like Surfshark

Surfshark is the cheapest and best-performing VPN right now. It is available in free and paid versions. But since we only recommend the paid versions if you want to increase your connection speed, Surfshark is the best possible choice. In addition, Surfshark has more than 1040 servers all over the world established in more than 61 countries. It provides access to many free contents. You can do tests, check the connection speed, and choose the country where to connect safely and legally. This software offers:

  • End-to-end encryption,
  • Unlimited connection on an unlimited number of devices,
  • Optimal security of your Wifi,
  • A Kill Switch function to protect your personal information,
  • A Cleanweb function to avoid unnecessary ads, trackers, hackers and malicious content,
  • A Whitelist feature to protect sensitive apps like your banking app, etc.

All of these features are useful on an Android TV.

Where can I buy Surfshark?

You can download Surfshark VPN from the official website. Just register on the site, download the software from Google Play Store (for Android) and connect whenever you need internet or your Android TV.

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