How to Connect a VPN

Unfortunately, the Internet era, free from any restrictions, has long sunk into oblivion. Today most countries (including ours) impose bans on visiting specific online resources, obliging providers to restrict access to prohibited sites.

In this case, the only way out for the user is to use special VPN services. For example, you can use this connection to stream online content blocked in our country. Look for the right VPN streaming service that will grant you access to content blocked in your country. In this article, we will help you understand how to connect a VPN in more detail.

What is a VPN, and How Does it Work?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) accurately reflects the purpose of this technology – it serves to create a connection encrypted to ensure the anonymity of the user. A VPN replaces the user’s actual “address” with a false virtual one, which ultimately allows the person to access blocked websites without the risk of being detected.

Varieties of VPN

All existing VPN services can be divided into two large groups depending on how the user interacts with the program:

  • Integrated solution. This category includes, first of all, all kinds of extensions for browsers. Using them, you get access to blocked resources as long as you use the browser itself. You can distinguish such services by a strong connection speed limit, as well as not very reliable protection.
  • Software solution. A more advanced version is a special program installed on a computer. Such a VPN encrypts any outgoing traffic, which allows you to work with all browsers, instant messengers, and other programs that use a global network connection.

It is also worth mentioning the existence of special hardware and software that guarantees maximum connection speed with a high degree of anonymity, but such tools are usually not available to ordinary PC users.

How To Connect a VPN?

Connecting a VPN is simple – in the case of integrated solutions, you need to install the extension you like and activate protection with one click on the browser panel. The user can also select the country whose IP address will replace the real address in most cases.

In the case of software solutions, there are also no difficulties. You download the program from its official website. Later, you install and configure the software according to your preferences.

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