How to Protect Your Passwords from Being Hacked

Today, passwords play an essential role in the life of every person. All sites have an account, which assumes the presence of optimal personal protection. Losing your password or being hacked means increasing the risk of identity theft and losing your social media page. That is why it is important to know how strong your password is to avoid getting into an awkward situation. You can use a VPN to protect different platforms.

Popular theft schemes

Among hackers, two methods are always practiced, thanks to which you can hack an account – the selection of a suitable combination and the so-called “pet attack”. Let’s take a closer look at each of the methods.

1. Selection.

The most popular option among users around the world is qwerty. This, of course, is very convenient. However, if it is on your mailbox, hacking, it will not be difficult to gain access to all accounts. You risk losing all-important personal data.

Protection against Internet hackers involves the use of complex passwords. They cannot be associated with your personality, lifestyle, and other features. To guarantee protection from hacking, you should ensure that the password is neutral.

2. Pet Attack

All sites can recover your password if you forgot it for some reason. When registering, they always offer a choice of one of ten standard questions, the answer to which is the keyword for resuming access.

If a criminal wants to hack an account, then, first of all, he will experience this option. To do this, it is enough for him to get acquainted with the owner and, in a friendly conversation, get an answer to all his questions.

However, despite the thoughtfulness of hackers, the user has the opportunity to insure himself against hacking. It is enough to answer another question from the list. For example, put your favorite food in the category “Name of your favorite pet” and ignore the fact that it sounds funny enough.

Basic Password Recommendations: How They’re Created

Many people are wondering how to protect social networks from hacking. To significantly complicate this process, you should use several recommendations for choosing and compiling a strong password.

1. Fight against the most widespread passwords, in particular, qwerty.

Just look at the keyboard and note that the keys are next to each other and never do such a stupid thing. You must not allow at least two characters in the password to match the layout on the PC.

2. Avoidance of collisions.

When compiling the encryption key, avoid things like repeating letters. Even the word “Collision” is a bad cipher because it contains two identical letters “L”. Remember that repeating the same character can make matching much easier.

3. VPN installation.

As strange as it may sound, a VPN service helps protect your passwords from being hacked. Keep in mind that cybercriminals can easily get hold of your data, especially if you actively use the Wi-Fi hotspot as a public network.VPN for streaming

To protect yourself from a hacker attack, you should download a VPN for free. Test the proposed application, study its functionality and choose the right package of services for you on a permanent paid basis. With it, you can encrypt your data, ensuring the safe existence and use of personal accounts, including social media accounts, email, and other sites.

4. Selection of the optimal length.

For some reason, some users think that by using long words, they will be able to maximize the protection of their accounts. Only here, again, repetitions of letters are often found, and there is a possibility that at some point, the code will be forgotten.

5. Using a special generator.

There is a Google password generator for those who find it difficult to come up with an effective and reliable security key that will be impossible to crack. This service is easy to use, so you can get a complex, efficient cipher in just a few seconds.

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