How to Find Out Your Phone’s IMEI: 4 Ways for Android and iPhone

All phones, from a budget push-button dialer to a powerful flagship, have a unique international mobile equipment identifier or, in other words, IMEI. Using your IMEI, you can find a lost smartphone, block it in the operator’s networks, or add it as a stolen gadget to the database.

Of course, IMEI can also be changed or faked, but this is a rather complicated task that is beyond the power of a simple user. But how to find out the IMEI of your phone so that, if necessary, share it with the competent authorities?

1. With a simple command

The easiest way to find out your phone’s IMEI is to enter the *#06# command in the dialer window. The method is universal and works on any smartphone, including the iPhone. Immediately after that, you will see a similar image on the screen.IMEI

The first two lines contain the IMEI of the first and second SIM cards, and the last one contains the serial number of your smartphone.

2. Search in the settings menu

  • If you have an iPhone, you can find it in the following path: Settings -> General -> About
  • In Android smartphones, everything is a little simpler: Settings -> Phone information

3. Examine the smartphone

In addition, IMEI can be either on the back of the smartphone itself or on its box. The latter is much more common.

4. If you have an iPhone

This method is only suitable for iPhone owners. You can always see your smartphone’s IMEI in iCloud. To do this, simply log in to the cloud, go to the list of your Apple devices and select the smartphone you are interested in.


As we can see, there are many ways to find out the IMEI of your smartphone, and none of them will cause difficulties even for the most inexperienced user. Choose the one that you like the most. The main thing is not to forget to write down the number because you can no longer do this in case of loss or theft of the phone.

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