How to Install Dynamic Island on Android Phones

Enough has been said about the new Apple iPhone 14 since its presentation on September 7 this year. Even though it is a smartphone with improved configuration compared to the previous one (iPhone 13), the “Dynamic Island” feature attracts a lot of attention.

Dynamic Island is an important and added feature in Apple’s new phones. The iPhone 14 series adds it to iOS 16, and can also be installed on other iPhone models that support iOS 16.

In this article, we will explain how to install a dynamic island on any Android phone. Although this is an Apple exclusive, a similar widget has appeared in the last few days and even works on any mobile phone with the Google system.

What is Dynamic Island used for?

It is considered as the notification bar. Located at the top of the home screen, it is visible after unlocking the phone. This area usually contains a few details that the owner of the device can fully customize at any time.

Several details are shown on the “Dynamic Island”, among them notifications for calls, messages, application background use, and other available utilities. It acts as a notification bar when you receive emails and other items when you are not using your phone at that time.

How to put Dynamic Island on Android

A Dynamic Island clone called “DynamicSpot” is available on the Play Store. It is a free utility that gets the job done. Besides being lightweight, it doesn’t take too much to run on your phone.DynamicSpot Dynamic Island

Like any app, it needs permissions to work. Once you grant it, it will start working and show a little notification through the camera notch. The program is free, although you can get the Pro version for about $5.

If you want to install and get DynamicSpot working, follow these steps:

  • First of all, download and install the application
  • When installing, it will ask you for permissions. Activate each one for it to work properly.
  • Launch the app and you’ll see the top notification appear, showing several items, including important notifications like messages, emails, and calls
  • Notifications will be added to the quick settings. You can open them.

DynamicSpot includes a mini multitasking feature included with Dynamic Island, making it easy to access the latest notifications and smartphone status changes. On the other hand, the app becomes very visible once it is installed on the phone in question. It glows in the notch of the mobile device on which it is installed.

Edge Mask, another available optionEdge Mask

If you don’t want to install DynamicSpot, you have the Edge Mask option. The operation is identical, giving you the ability to view notifications in the notch. This tool has successfully developed so much that more than 5 million people have already downloaded it.

Like DynamicSpot, Edge Mask needs the appropriate permissions to start working 100%. You must do so after installing it. The app also needs to take a few steps to get the Dynamic Island feature to work.

It is one of the applications that does not take up much memory on the device. Its consumption is also low and it takes a little time to run on your phone.

To use Edge Mask, Download and install the app from the Play Store and follow the necessary steps.

With Dynamic Islandhow to install Dynamic Island on Android phones

With the same name as the iOS utility, this app was created as one of the important tools to emulate this feature available on the iPhone 14. Recently launched, this app is worth its weight in gold and the user does not need to know it to start working.

Like the other two, through the notch, you will see your current notifications. Launched by CriMobile, the utility performs its task, which is nothing more than providing a well-known dynamic island.

The app is less than 20MB and requires permissions to work like the other apps. It is available for devices from Android 4.0. Download Dynamic Island on Play Store.

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