Virtual SIM cards: Strengths and Weaknesses of eSIMs

The virtual SIM Card,  also known as eSIM, is a particular type of SIM card with which you can activate a mobile promotion without having to insert a physical SIM into your smartphone.

The eSIM chip is only available in compatible devices. The first information to know when talking about eSIM is that you can only use them with certain smartphones.

A first advantage is represented by the possibility of supporting more than one eSIM on the same device, with different telephone numbers and offers. Some phones can support up to 4 eSIMs.

eSIM: What are the main advantages

In the previous paragraph, we could see how one of the strengths of the eSIM, in addition to the fact of not having to insert them into your device physically, is that you can have more than one on the same phone.

It is good to specify that you can only use one eSIM at a time. It will be necessary to switch between one eSIM and the other through the menu on your device. The active eSIM will be deactivated in a few seconds, and you can use the other one immediately.

There are also devices on the market that can support (even at the same time) both a normal SIM and an eSIM.

Moving on to the analysis of further strengths of an eSIM, please note that:

  • their delivery times are very short, and you can install them in a few minutes;
  • they are very practical to use, and there is no possibility that they can demagnetize;
  • it is a very ecological tool, as it does not include packaging. Virtual SIM

How does a virtual SIM work?

The operation of an eSIM is very simple. To proceed with its activation, it will be sufficient to use the QR code on the card that you can buy at the store of the selected mobile phone operator.

If you want to move your eSIM to a different device than the first active one, you first need to deactivate the first smartphone. The same way you remove, metaphorically, a physical SIM from a smartphone to place it on another.

What are the flaws of an eSIM?

Analyzing in more detail the characteristics of the eSIM, it emerges that a first disadvantage is that if you lose your phone, you will first have to block the eSIM to get a new one.

Furthermore, if the smartphone breaks, there is no possibility to deactivate your eSIM, which you can only activate through an Internet connection.

At the moment, there are no systems available that allow you to manage eSIMs directly online, so you need to go to a physical store to request a replacement or new activation.

How to apply for a Virtual SIM?

ESIMs are slowly spreading among various traditional mobile telephone operators, such as Vodafone. In the last period, they have also exploded among virtual operators.

To obtain an eSIM, it will be necessary to:

  • get a compatible smartphone;
  • go to a physical store to proceed with the purchase of the QR Code. This allows you to activate one.

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