What Are the Advantages of a Foldable Smartphone?

Are you nostalgic for turn-of-the-century flip phones? A foldable smartphone will bring back memories but also help you build new ones. This segment initiated by Samsung innovates with a screen that folds and unfolds for maximum practicality and new and unprecedented uses.

A concept carried by Samsung

If the first foldable smartphone marketed is the work of Rouyu Technology in 2018 (the Flexpai, sold in China only), it is Samsung that took the ascendancy in the segment with the Galaxy Z range. LG had drawn a model to dual swivel screen in 2019 – the Wing – before ceasing smartphone production. TCL backed down due to high production costs, and Lenovo first rolled out the foldable screen to a laptop – the ThinkPad X1 Fold. Only Motorola and Huawei have followed Samsung.

Types of Foldable Smartphones 

There are two types of foldable smartphones:

  • Those that open and close horizontally, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 or the Huawei Mate Xs, so that when unfolded, you have a surface corresponding to that of two “classic” screens in front of you. One next to the other.
  • Those that unfold vertically, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Motorola razr. This retains a screen comparable in size to that of a “classic” phone, but it folds up on itself to form a very compact “square,” reminding us with nostalgia of flip phones. But make no mistake about it: these are phones with a premium and stylish design.benefits of a folding phone

More screen (s) in less space: a smart design

This is the first advantage of the foldable smartphone. It can afford to offer a large screen, while taking up little space in your pocket or bag when folded. With the vertical opening, you have a smartphone of the usual dimensions in front of you, but with a small footprint.

As for smartphones with a horizontal opening, they offer a screen with unique dimensions between the phone and the tablet, but different from the “phablet.” All with a “folded” footprint comparable to that of an ordinary telephone.

Smart and innovative features

Apple has not yet invested in the segment. Foldable phones offer a modified and optimized version of Android to take full advantage of the capabilities of this “dual screen.” Multitasking is thus facilitated. You can display a different app on each half of the screen: open a YouTube video and browse Twitter at the same time, do a Google search alongside your word processing app, etc.

Enough to gain in productivity, which makes the foldable smartphone an interesting choice for professionals. Even when folded, the device continues to display information on the front. For example, on the Galaxy Z Flip 3, a small external screen displays the time and notifications. In short, because it is a smartphone with an ingenious design, so is its use.

Better power and greater durability

Due to its large format, the foldable phone often carries a larger battery and therefore has excellent battery life. The same goes for the processor and storage. Foldable smartphones have more power, more RAM, and more internal memory.

Finally, the material in which the folding screen is made is more resistant to shocks than a conventional screen. This is because it is naturally protected in the event of a fall by the simple fact that the screen is not directly exposed to the ground. Choosing a foldable smartphone is therefore betting on a high-end smartphone whose capabilities are durable.

New ways to take photos

Foldable smartphones generally have more lenses than regular smartphones, so you can take pictures “all over the place.” Very ingenious, the front cameras of foldable smartphones are often located under the screen and “disappear” when the latter turns on.

But one of the advantages of the foldable format is that you can use the external lens (s) – usually better than the front lens – to take your selfies. The foldable design of the camera makes it easy to take self-timer photos. It is also very practical for your video calls: simply put your phone down with the screen unfolded. It stands on its own and you can move around while continuing to communicate.Samsung Folding smartphone

A price less and less consequent

The first foldable smartphones, by the rarity of their offer, were more expensive than the most high-end smartphones. They were reserved for a handful of very tech-savvy users. While they are still among the most expensive on the market today, some foldable smartphones, such as the Galaxy Z Flip 3, are now sold at prices comparable to high-end iPhones and Samsung Galaxy.

A barrier to entry which therefore tends to be lifted. This may encourage you to test for yourself the innovative features of these phones of a new format.

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