Experiencing Problems With WhatsApp Web? This Could Be the Reason+Simple Solutions

If you are a regular WhatsApp Web user and at the same time you are reluctant to change browsers, you will likely find an incompatibility when using it in the outdated Edge browser.

If you still don’t have the Edge browser based on chromium, which is already the default browser after downloading and installing the Windows 10 October update, WhatsApp Web will not work for you. Facebook has just announced incompatibility with the old browser.

If your browser is not compatible, a message will appear on WhatsApp Web telling you that the application will only work with Microsoft Edge version 80 or higher. At the same time, they point out that if you want to continue using WhatsApp Web in Windows 10, you must update your operating system to the latest version to have the new Edge or use other browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

This way, all you have to do is download the new Edge browser from its official website. You can also update your operating system to the latest October version. Make sure you do not have the update blocked. At the moment, it has not been made available to a large set of users.WhatsApp Web browser

In addition to saying goodbye to the original Edge browser, Microsoft also plans to eliminate Internet Explorer 11. They will do this by blocking essential services in the said browser.

It is important to have your browser updated since you must have the newest security patches. We use browsers to access online banking and even deal with issues and personal data. Hence, it is always advisable to update them to the latest version to avoid hypothetical attacks.

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