This option could be used to install a series of functions that do not usually come by default in the operating system, and that would be reached through the Windows Store and other ways, but first, we will see how you know if it is installed on your computer.feature experience pack

The Process

If you go to SettingsSystem, and click on About, you will see that you have the Experience tab next to your team’s general information. It is like the version of Windows you use, for example.

Microsoft does not explain what this line refers to, and How-to Geek asked the company directly, but the answer was “No comment.” This section is present in Windows 10 version 2004 (last May’s update) for the first time.

As reported, this section could include some extra features of Windows 10, which would be implemented in Microsoft Store soon. There is no indication as to the type of functions they would be exactly, but the door that opens is large.

Another possibility is that its main focus is the next Windows 10X. Windows is still revealing the first applications it will have. This conjecture opens the option to limit the uses based on the device running on Windows. This is because it may not be a computer by default.

Anyway, expect a reveal of this concept in the next Windows updates. The so-called Feature Experience Pack can provide important insights into the plans Microsoft has.