How to Delete Duplicate WhatsApp Files on Your Android Phone?

WhatsApp is an essential messaging application, which is normally used to send images, videos, and audios. Over time, duplicate files gradually pile up. It is for this reason that today we will teach you how to delete duplicate WhatsApp files on your Android Phone?


WhatsApp is an essential mobile phone application. In fact, it is possibly the main means of communication today. This fame is due to the multiple functions that the application has, such as receiving and sending multiple files. For this reason, millions of users around the world choose to download and install the latest version of WhatsApp to take advantage of this useful service.

Indeed, WhatsApp allows you to send and receive audio, video, and image files. Even so, this also represents a problem since your device will gradually accumulate these types of files.

Accumulation of files on WhatsApp

As you use the WhatsApp application, a multitude of files gradually accumulates that, in the long run, you will not see or use again. It is necessary to constantly clean the files that are being downloaded in the application. If not, a time will come when you won’t be able to update WhatsApp due to lack of space.

Undoubtedly, most of these files can come from chains or the groups to which we belong. The truth is that on many occasions, we can have up to four, five times or more the same photograph or document, something that undeniably is counterproductive.

There are ways to counteract this problem, but for this, it will be necessary to acquire specialized software with which to clean our systems effectively. It is for this reason that we have prepared this guide in which we will tell you how to delete duplicate files on WhatsApp.

How to delete duplicate WhatsApp files on my Android mobile?

The simplest process to eliminate duplicates of applications such as WhatsApp and many other documents on your device is using an application. This time, we will use ” Duplicate Cleaner – remove duplicate files. “

Duplicate Cleaner is a completely free app, which you can get and use right now. In any case, if you have doubts regarding the process of downloading and using the software, we recommend that you carefully read the following guide.WhatsApp messenger

Download and install Duplicate Cleaner to remove duplicate files

  1. You can get the Duplicate Cleaner app on the Play Store. Once you have accessed the link, click on the “Install” option.
  2. The download process should be very fast since the application weighs approximately 3 MB. Even so, do not be fooled by its weight, as it is very efficient at deleting duplicate files from your system.
  3. Once you have downloaded the application, proceed to open it. The system will ask you to enable certain permissions. Click on “Allow.
  4. After the previous process, you have to click on the option to delete the duplicates. To do this, click on “Scan,” depending on the files you want to evaluate.
  5. After the previous step, the application will start looking for duplicate files on your mobile device. The process is usually quite fast. The system will also catalog all the images or files, leaving only one of each group.
  6. To properly remove duplicate files, all you have to do is click on the “Delete now” option.
  7. The system will possibly ask you to choose the storage unit from which to delete the files. When you select it, the process will begin.

By performing the above steps, you can properly erase duplicate files from both the WhatsApp application and the rest of your system. It is definitely something you should constantly use to avoid taking up space unnecessarily. If you don’t have an Android device, don’t worry, as it can also clean your iPhone’s memory of junk files.

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