Can You Play FIFA 22 on PC With a Controller?

FIFA 22, from EA, was released in October 2021 and is the 29th part of the FIFA game series. The game is classified as a sports simulation and business game and relies on Hypermotion technology. The characteristics of the players themselves have been integrated and the game is available on a total of 5 consoles as well as on the PC. But can you play FIFA 22 on PC with a controller? Let’s take a closer look at it here.

Download game for pc

Anyone who wants to buy FIFA 22 will not be able to avoid a download key. These are offered in local specialist shops or in game clients such as Steam or Origin. The Origin Client is directly from EA, so players can purchase additional content directly from EA.

If you don’t have a console, but a powerful PC or notebook, you can also play FIFA 22 on these devices. Only a gamepad has to be purchased additionally. You have to budget between $30 and $60 for a corresponding gamepad. Of course, it can also be much more expensive, but everyone has to decide for themselves whether that makes sense.

Choosing the right gamepads

Soccer games in particular are often played with a gamepad or a controller, since the functions of the various buttons can be fully utilized. At the same time, gamepads allow intuitive control. If you want to play on the PC, you should get an Xbox controller, since the Windows system primarily supports Xbox controllers. Only Xbox Series X is not supported. Switch and Playstation gamepads are also not supported.

The Xbox controller is usually recognized automatically and is also compatible with Steam or Origin. Gamers with Windows 11 should also make sure that the latest drivers are installed so that the gamepad is recognized.

In general, FIFA 22 supports Bluetooth, radio and USB controllers, which are usually automatically recognized by Windows systems. In the game clients, additional settings and detections can be made on the controller, such as the button assignment.

If the gamepad is not recognized automatically, you can look in the system settings.

  • Bluetooth: the PC should have Bluetooth. In the quick bar (bottom right) the Bluetooth sign is mostly already visible. As soon as the controller is on, a new device can be added using the search function.
  • USB: Here it is already sufficient to plug the cable into the USB hub. The PC reports a new device and, for the most part, already installs the new driver and sets up the device. The controller should be ready to use immediately.
  • Wireless: For these controllers, the wireless adapter is pushed into the USB port and the controller is started. Here, too, the PC should automatically recognize the device.

If the PC does not recognize the controllers on its own, it makes sense to update the drivers and reconnect the device. A restart of the PC can also often FIFA 22 on PC with a controller

Play FIFA 22 on MacBook

Unfortunately, those who use a MacBook will be disappointed because FIFA 22 is not supported on MacBooks. However, the situation is different when an iPad is used. Playstation gamepads can be connected and used here. This allows players to play FIFA 22 with a controller on an Apple device.

If you are technically skilled, you can install another Windows operating system on the MacBook. With the dual system, users can easily switch to Windows and connect a controller to play FIFA 22 on a MacBook.

FIFA 22 on console with PC monitor

Anyone who already owns a console with FIFA 22 but still wants to play on the PC can connect different consoles to the PC monitor. The gamepads are automatically adopted and recognized by the consoles.

The Playstation 4 requires firmware version 3.50 or higher to connect it to a monitor using an HDMI cable. Likewise, the Xbox can be connected with an HDMI cable. However, players should take into account that they are playing on the console and not on the PC itself.


With an Xbox controller or a Windows-compatible controller, you will, in general, have no problem playing FIFA 22 on PC. The client on which the game is installed is irrelevant. Players only reach their limits if the gamepad is not compatible with Windows.

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