How the Antena View App Works and How to Disable It

As with other great Battle Royale games, it is sometimes difficult to find opponents in Garena Free Fire. To locate and defeat opponents quickly, some players use external tools to aid them. Among them is the Antena View app.

There are also several other types of apps that can help players in Free Fire. In this article, we’ll focus on the Antena view app and help you understand how it works.

Find opponents in Free Fire

Even if they are at a great distance, it is possible to locate all opponents with Antena View.

Initially, you need to download the APK to your device. Once you activate it, you will be able to see a big line or antena on the game map.

Through it, a colored line represents the enemy players. At the same time, you can also see who is on your team.

That way, you find out exactly where your enemies are. With this, you can eliminate them quickly and win your Free Fire matches.

Or at least reduce the chances of being ambushed by your opponents. Anyway, there are several uses for this function in the game.

There are several other apps similar to Antena View that also bring certain advantages to players. Some of them are very effective in changing the course of matches.

However, sometimes they are not as good or have certain problems to work. On the contrary, Antena View does not present any flaws or complications to the Antena View app works

In general, this APK is quite simple. Even so, it may surprise you with its functions.

Before downloading and using it, it is important to know all its technical information and meet the main requirements for use. Check out all this and more below!

Information and Requirements to use the App

Initially, you don’t have to worry about cost. This application is completely free when downloading and using it on a daily basis.

Although it is not regular to use Apps like Antena View in Free Fire matches, there is no risk of banning. This app has an anti-ban system, which prevents you from being banned.

Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of this situation. Also, don’t worry about scratches to the device. As long as you download it from a decent site, you won’t have problems with the APK. It often goes through updates. The size of the application is over 14.64 MB. So, you need to have that space available on your device to be able to use it. As well as the Garena Free Fire game itself installed on your device. Otherwise, it will not be possible to use it on your device.

In this sense, it is very important to remember that to run Antena your operating system must be Android 4.4 or higher. If you meet this requirement and everything is in order, you can download the APK. In order to download it, please note that you will need to enable “unknown sources” in your device settings. After all, the app is not official and you can’t download it from the Google Play Store.

So, let’s see now where you’ll actually be able to download it, and then how you can use it.

How to download Antena View?

Once you enable unknown sources, you will be able to download the app. Now just choose a good site that allows you to download its latest version.

For example, the following link to malavida is a good option: .

However, if you do not want to use this site and prefer another, feel free. Just choose what you think is best to download your applications on your device.

After completing the download, you only need to install it. From then on, when you play your games you can detect all your opponents.

However, don’t forget to check for new updates to the Antena app when they come out, understood? Because developers can discover and fix bugs and other issues.

In addition, as the Garena Free Fire game itself undergoes updates, external apps also have to adapt. Otherwise, they become obsolete and stop working.

So, always keep an eye on the news of Free Fire and also the apps you use in the game. After all, you never know when new features can change everything, right?

Now download what you need as you like and then enjoy all its advantages.

Disable Antena View

Finally, we must address a point that causes many doubts among players: how to disable the Antena View app?

Several people have already complained about this. Even if you uninstall the App it doesn’t stop working! The lines that inform the enemy’s location keep appearing.

This is a bug in the APK. The only way to remove Antena View from your game screen is to uninstall Garena Free Fire.

Soon after, you can install it again and the lines or antenna will no longer appear.

Unfortunately, it is a small inconvenience that Antena View presents. Still, it’s not too complicated to troubleshoot. Just reinstall Free Fire and everything will be back to normal.

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