PS5 and Xbox Series X: The Best TVs to Enjoy Next-Gen Consoles

We are at the dawn of a new era for video games with the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. They provide unparalleled performance so far. Above all, they allow you to take full advantage of the 4K HDR quality of your screens with sound quality worthy of cinema. We present to you 5 televisions which will adapt perfectly according to their performances and their sizes.

Sony KE85XH9096BAEP 85 “4K UHD

The big Japanese brand presents a monstrous 85-inch screen with “Full Array Led” technology. It has LEDs on the entire surface of the screen. The light intensity of each area is precisely managed to show intense light peaks and more detailed dark areas. X1 processors analyze each object to optimize color, contrast, and detail.

It offers excellent sound quality obtained by specific speakers at the back of the screen, providing perfect synchronization between image and sound. It has HDMI 2.1 sockets. The HDMI 2.1  is capable of not only increasing bandwidth for data channels but also adding a new channel for a total of 12 x 4 = 48 Gbit/s. With such a speed, it is then possible to transmit very large data streams of up to 8K/10K. In short, the amateurs of piloting games will be in total immersion. In addition, prices have become much more affordable for this size.


LG explains to us that OLED technology lends itself perfectly to video games. This Oled 65GX version is a very high-performance top-of-the-range with exceptional image quality. The TV is NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible with variable refresh rate and low latency mode, all thanks to HDMI 2.1 eARC.

The contrast and fluidity of this television will adapt perfectly to games and the highly efficient HDR mode will enhance your videos. Equipped with the Dolby Atmos function, the reproduced sound is quite simply at the level of cinemas with an LG soundbar. We are on a very high level.Samsung Neo QLED

Samsung Neo QLED 55 “QE55QN90A

It is impossible not to present a Samsung TV  from the new NEO QLED range. This 55-inch medium size will fit perfectly into your interior. It is elegant, thin, and of very good manufacturing quality. The NEO QLED quantum dots is capable of reproducing a billion colors for vibrant colorimetry, more intense blacks thanks to HDR10 +, and full LED Microdimming backlighting. It is equipped with voice assistants and smart TV  to make everyday use easier.

Samsung wants to seduce gamers with the REAL GAME Enhancer + function which is available on some consoles. It helps to maintain a sharp and dynamic image. In addition, FreeSync technology considerably reduces display delay and guarantees excellent fluidity. Halo Infinite players will be delighted with such a screen. It is a serious competitor of Oled, it is one of the best screens of the moment.

Sony OLED XR65A90J 65 “4K UHD Bravia XR

Here is a screen of great beauty and originality with its eccentric feet. The build quality is worthy of Sony, elegance, and sobriety.

Cinema lovers will be very satisfied. You can choose from many movies, shows, music, games, sports with Google TV. Just use your TV’s voice control and with Google Assistant you can enjoy mobile apps like Netflix, MyCanal on your TV. With the Google Assistant and smart speakers, control your TV and smart devices by voice too.

The screen is stamped PERFECT FOR PLAYSTATION for a unique gaming experience. Image, fluidity, controlled latency, three-dimensional sound, it is your perfect partner for games or sporting events.

Philips 50PUS8545 50 ” LEDPhilips Gaming TV

To finish our presentation, here is a Philips screen without any pretension of technology but which presents above all an excellent value for money. It provides all the necessary services today such as connected TV, 4K HDR display quality while taking advantage of Philips’ unique Ambilight system.

Players will thus enjoy a beautiful 4K image with all the same a game mode that improves fluidity. This television is very well equipped and delivers balanced performance in all areas. This model is available in 43 ‘, 50’, 58 ‘and 70 inches.

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