PS3 Controller on PC: How to Install It?

The controller is a peripheral that connects to a computer or console to play your favorite games comfortably, just like you would with a keyboard and mouse. In this post, we see how to configure the PS3 controller or joystick on the PC. Few people know, in fact, that the Playstation joystick can also be used to play with the traditional PC, as long as you know how to connect and configure it correctly to use it with computer games.

The PlayStation 3, after 6 years of life, is not yet extinct, and there are still many players who are wondering how to install a PS3 controller on PC. In particular, you can connect the DualShock 3 controllers to the PC in minutes, so you can leave the mouse and keyboard and play with the controller commands. Let’s see how to use the Playstation 3 Joystick on the PC, thanks to a special program.

PS3 controller on PC: How to Connect

To connect PS3 controller on PC, you will need:

  • PS3 joystick;
  • MicroUSB USB cable;
  • Special software.

The first thing to do is get these elements. You then have to download SCPtoolkit from GitHub to the PC. Start the process that leads to connecting the PS3 controller to PC.

Once the program has been downloaded, proceed with the installation. At the final stage, the software will not be closed. You will press on ‘Run Driver Installation’. Before that, it is important to connect the Joystick to the PS3 with the micro-USB cable. At this point, a screen will appear on which only the “InstallDualShock 3 Driver” option will be left checked.

This way, you can make the PS3 joystick recognize the PC as if it were an Xbox. You can also play any game, except for those that don’t support the controller. The advice is to use the same USB port to install the drivers. At this point, you launch the installation and then close the program and start the game.

If all the steps have been done correctly, you will see the PS3 controller recognized as PadXBox 360 to be compatible with the PC. By installing the driver, you will have seen among the boxes also “InstallDualShock 4 Driver”, an option that allows you to connect the Joystick to the PS4, and the “Force Driver Installation” box to use in case of problems with the normal installation.

When connecting the PS3 controller to a PC, the “Install Bluetooth Driver” option is also available. This allows you to install the joystick via Bluetooth. You have to sacrifice the entire Bluetooth card. For this our advice is to use a cable.

What to do in case of problems with Windows 10

In many cases, installing the PS3 controller on a PC can be tricky, especially if you’re using Windows 10. The Microsoft system is naturally designed to work with Xbox One and its accessories, as well as the Xbox Live ecosystem. However, it is not compatible with the Sony device, and therefore even if SCPToolkit eliminates the problems of using a DualShock 3 controller on the PC, installation errors may occur.

In this case, it is possible to enable the installation of the driver, in case the traditional process does not go for the best, without forgetting to backup important files before proceeding, even if the procedure is not dangerous.

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