All Netflix Hidden Tricks and Features

Netflix has been in the homes for some time now and is a real reference in the panorama of streaming entertainment.

The platform constantly launches new stuff among its countless contents and always tries to keep up with the requests of users, who are increasingly demanding and eager for new films, TV series, and documentaries.

Despite this, many Netflix features are not exploited, probably because they are little known or hidden. In this article we discover 8 tricks to enjoy your Netflix experience to the fullest.

Always looking for news?

Don’t know what to watch or do you want to discover something new? Rely on luck with Netflix Roulette which allows you to choose a random movie, TV series, or documentary by setting parameters such as genre, type, and rating on IMDB or Rotten.

After clicking on Spin, a random title will be displayed, and by clicking on Watch, you will be directed to a new window from which you can start the film chosen for you.

Movies and TV series even without the internet

Those who travel often or travel frequently for work but always want to have their favorite series at hand can watch TV series and films directly from their smartphone or tablet even without having an internet connection available.

To do this, just enter the Netflix app, select the content and click on the icon to download. In this way, you can view it whenever you want without being connected to the internet.minimize Netflix Data consumption

Minimize data consumption

To save bandwidth usage when watching content on Netflix, just go to the section relating to your profile by clicking on the relevant icon, choose the Account option, and then the Playback settings item.

In the mobile device app, the option is present in the Settings section: after choosing the desired quality, confirm by clicking on Save.

Activate the Family filter

Not all movies or TV series are suitable for children or minors of a certain age and for this reason Netflix has made available a function that allows you to set a parental lock through a PIN.

In the Settings section of your account, you need to select the Family Filter item: after entering the password and clicking Continue. Just select the 4-digit PIN and confirm by clicking on Save.

Customize Subtitles

Many Netflix titles are only available in the original language and are therefore played with the original audio and subtitles, which however do not always appear in the right size and color for optimal viewing.

By entering the Settings of your account, select the item My profile and click on Appearance. From here, you can change the font of the subtitles, the size, and the color of the background of the texts. To confirm the changes just click on Save.

Activate the Ambient mode

You can use your TV as a frame to show great content and create a magical atmosphere in the house. Among the many contents, you can also transform it into a fireplace typical of winter homes. Search for Fireplace for your home4k like you are looking for any other movie and start the video to light the fire!

Movies and TV series in headphones

Some of the content on Netflix is ​​also available with an audio version. If in addition to the images and jokes you also want to set a narrator that describes the scenes of the film or episode, just click on the search box and type Audio description in (your language) and then choose the content from the list of results.remove continue watching on Netflix

Remove content from Home

You can choose not to show the contents you have viewed on the Netflix home page by removing them from the history. Click on Account and select the item Content viewing activities. A window will open where you will see the last contents displayed. By clicking on the “prohibition” symbol on the right, you can delete them from the main dashboard.

Set PIN on individual profile

If you are sharing your Netflix account, you can set an access PIN on your individual profile. This reduces the chances of one messing up your viewing history. You will also get the right movie suggestions according to what you watch.

Read our article on How to Set a PIN on Individual Netflix Profiles to know how you can go about it.

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