How to Set a PIN on Individual Netflix Profiles

Netflix ​​implemented the ability to set a specific code (PIN) for each access profile linked to a single account. This feature has been designed to ensure greater parental control over content that children can view. It can also limit access to your profile. This way, you don’t have to worry about anyone messing with your viewing history and movie suggesstions.

All Netflix accounts are protected by a password, but there is no type of protection within each profile created. With this feature, each user can set a PIN on their profile to prevent others from using it.

Netflix accounts are often shared in the family (and not only) without any type of protection for the individual profiles created, allowing any user who has access to the account to enter the profiles of others without any limitation. The same also applies to kids, who can easily access their parents’ profiles and avoid any kind of filtering or blocking of content.lock Netflix profile

How to Set a PIN on Your Individual Netflix Profile

To set the PIN: 

  • Log in to Netflix via browser,
  • Click on your profile on the top right,
  • Select the settings at the top right (icon with your profile image) and click on Account
  • At this point, you will see the option to lock the profile and enter a PIN to prevent access to people who share the same account.
  • All you have to do is choose the 4-digit password and confirm.

This particular feature is available for users from all parts of the world. Netflix also added new filters to remove titles that aren’t suitable for little ones, such as the ability to remove individual movies and series based on the title.

To confirm if your profile is protected, you will see the padlock symbol below it. You also have to enter a PIN to access your profile.

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