This is How the Netflix Referral Program Works

A few weeks ago I discovered that Netflix had a new button that I had not noticed until now. It is an icon in the shape of a gift or “surprise box”. I was surprised to discover that it is the Netflix referral program. How does it work and what advantages does it offer exactly?

I have been using the streaming platform for years, and I would swear this option was not available before. Therefore, I understand that this is a feature that is not shown to all Netflix clients (if not, you can correct me in the comments area). If you access your Netflix account and do not see this functionality, do not worry, it is normal. You should be attentive in case at any given moment they offer you the possibility of taking advantage of its offers.

What is the Netflix Referral Program?

To give us an idea, the Netflix Referral Program, allows Netflix subscribers to recommend the platform to their personal contacts. If any of them subscribe, the recommendation will have been a success, and in return, you will get a bonus. 

This bonus translates into a balance you can use to pay for your own Netflix subscription. As of today, as indicated in the terms and conditions of the program, there is a limit of 5 successful recommendations per year. This means that you could pay the monthly subscription for practically half the year through this system.

How it Works

To put this rewards method offered by Netflix into practice, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Sign in with your Netflix account. If you access it from a web browser, click on the icon with the gift box that you will see in the upper right area, right next to the notification bell.
  • If you access the Netflix app, click on your profile avatar located in the upper right area of ​​the screen.
  • This will take you to a new screen where a Netflix link will be shown. Click on “Copy link” and share it with a friend. Note: You can also use the buttons on WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, etc., to send the link directly from any of these platforms.

From here, if a friend subscribes, you will receive a notice from Netflix informing you about the matter and confirming the reward obtained in the form of a balance for your subscription. You must bear in mind that the recommendation system only works with users who have never subscribed to Netflix before. However, you can share the links with as many people as you want.

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