Windows 11 App Blocked for Your Protection. How to Fix

Are you looking for a guide that can show you in detail how to fix the problem regarding the Windows 11 app blocked for your protection? Well, you just found it! In this in-depth analysis, we will give you all the info on what this problem is and the operation to fix it.

In recent years, Microsoft has increasingly advanced the defense systems of its operating systems. This is the case, for example, of Windows 11, which with each new version has become more protected from the action of malicious programs. Sometimes, however, this protective “screen” ends up preventing some trivial operations because they are considered risky by the operating system itself.

It may happen that an absolutely harmless app or program is not recognized as such by Windows, which through Microsoft Defender Smartscreen blocks them. This prevents the user from opening and using them. This happens when the app or program in question comes from an unknown location or was created by an unknown publisher.This app has been blocked for your protection fix

After ensuring that there is actually no risk because what you intend to download is safe, you should fix Windows 11 app blocked for your protection. Here are the steps to take.

  • Right-click on the locked file and go to “Properties”.
  • Then click on the box next to “Unblock” so that a check mark appears and then click on “Apply”.
  • At this point the file should be considered safe by Smartscreen and you will be able to open it without problems.

What if the file is still locked?

In case the file is still locked, the alternative is to run it using an administrator account. How to do it? There are two possibilities: either you right-click the mouse button and then click on “Run as administrator”, or open a command prompt as administered and launch the file from there. To do this, you must necessarily have administrator access.

In summary, you need to press the Start button with the right mouse button, open a command prompt as administrator and then run the command net user administrator/ active: yes. Once this is done, it will be possible to change the Windows 11 user by logging in with the administrator account activated and running the program. To return to your account and deactivate the administrator one, all you have to do is type net user administrator/active: no in the command prompt.

Important consideration for Windows 11 app blocked for your protection

A final important consideration regarding the Windows 11 app blocked for security purpose is the deactivation of SmartScreen. We do not recommend it, but if you really want to do it, you have to go to the Microsoft Defender settings. To find the latter:

  • You have to go to the Start menu,
  • Search for “Windows Security”
  • In the control panel, press on the “App and browser control” box.

At this point, you have to press the link of the “Reputation-based protection settings” and then on “Disabled” to the option “Check apps and files”. SmartScreen is thus completely disabled. Our advice, in any case, is not to set it to “Disabled”, but to use the “Warn” option: so you will know at least when attention is required. The option in question can also be used in the subsequent settings of the Microsoft SmartScreen.

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