Why Choose a Chromebook?

Created in 2011 by Google, these PCs with a unique and original operating system have come a long way to position themselves as a solid alternative to Windows. But what are these computers with minimalist design and interface intended for? We will explain everything to you.

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebook from Google are laptops running the operating system Chrome OS. They are similar to an Android desktop version. Although it is based on the architecture of Linux, Chrome OS looks like the mobile operating system from Google. Users accustomed to Android will therefore quickly find their marks.

The Google Chrome Internet browser is widely honored and occupies a central place in the computer ecosystem. A user is invited to use Google’s online software solutions, such as Google Docs office applications and the Google Drive cloud storage solution.

The simplicity of the Google environment on a PC

The major and differentiating advantage of Chromebooks is their simplicity and speed of use. Chrome OS thus offers a desktop reduced to its simplest expression. To get straight to the point – you can only personalize the wallpaper.

This very minimalist interface allows these PCs to achieve very short start-up times and high processing speed, without having to embed ultra-sophisticated components.

Another advantage of Chrome OS: with automatic and regular updates, the security is exemplary.Chromebook OS

Excellent value for money

This is another advantage that derives directly from the simplicity of the machine: its price. Using the Cloud to run applications and store files saves on hardware components (storage, power, etc.) and therefore reduces production costs.

So count around $300 to get a Chromebook, whose performance will be more than sufficient for a use combining entertainment, navigation, and productivity. It is, therefore, an excellent value for money compared to other machines of the same size running on Windows.

A Chromebook for what uses?

As we have seen, Chromebooks are largely based on connected use, via the Chrome browser. But even offline, the computer includes several applications installed by default: a file explorer, a photo gallery, Google apps (Gmail, Maps, etc.).

Additionally, and because it’s a cousin of Android. Chrome OS lets you install all apps (and there are plenty of them!) From the Play Store. Note, however, that the latter, originally designed for a touch interface, have not all been optimized for use on a computer.

Another alternative is compatibility with Linux. You can install a secondary operating system to use more apps, games, and software. We are moving away from the first advantage of Chromebooks – their simplicity – but it is always a good option to take.

Which Chromebook is right for me?

Don’t know which Chromebook to choose? The brand has existed since 2011, it has the advantage of having greatly diversified. Thus, a large number of manufacturers offer their own models of laptops under Chrome OS: we find them at Acer, at HP, at Asus, or even at Dell.

Ultimately, why choose a Chromebook? With their very simple interface with limited customization, they are ideal for undemanding users, who want to get to the point. We recommend them especially for office automation, entertainment (music and video streaming), and simple navigation – all uses for which Chromebooks are one of the best value for money on the market.

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