How to Properly Clean Your Computer Keyboard?

Like all everyday objects that come into contact with our fingers, the computer keyboard must be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria and microbes from accumulating there. But how do you make sure you disinfect your keyboard effectively without damaging it? We will explain everything to you.

The usual precautions for cleaning your computer keyboard without damaging it

Like your PC screen, the keyboard must be cleaned carefully to maintain its performance. Having a cleaning kit close at hand is therefore not a useless precaution!

First of all, it is better to make sure that your keyboard is not hot. If it is a wired model, unplug it, and in any case, if you have just used it, wait until it goes down in temperature before starting to disinfect it. In the case of a laptop or portable PC, same advice. Turn off your PC a few minutes before the operation.

On a laptop, be careful not to remove the keys when cleaning. Finally, one last precaution for use, which may go without saying, but which should be remembered: you should never pour liquid directly on your keyboard. Use a cloth.clean your computer keyboard

Cleaning your computer keyboard on a daily basis: Tips

A wipe with a damp cloth or a simple brushing is enough to maintain your keyboard daily. For a more complete cleaning, a compressed air can is your best ally. However, there are several DIY tricks that can also come in handy for cleaning your computer keyboard.

For example, you can use a hairdryer in the cold air position to dislodge the dust that nestles between the keys. If the latter is quite high and there are still particles lodged in the interstices, you can also use a post-it. By sliding the sticky part into the grooves, you will clean your keyboard in no time!

Finally, for the tops of the keys, white vinegar is your best ally. But be careful: do not spray it directly on the keyboard. Instead, soak a cloth (or a cotton swab for an even more precise and delicate cleaning), and rub your keyboard until it’s clean.

Liquid spilled on the keyboard: what to do?

Last scenario: what to do when you have spilled water, coffee, or any other liquid on your precious computer keyboard? First of all, do not panic and remember to unplug your keyboard if it is wired, or to turn off the computer.

Also, remove the battery if it’s a laptop you have access to it. Then, turn the keyboard upside down over a sink or sink. Let the liquid flow naturally for as long as possible, until you no longer see any drops escaping.

Then it is essential to let your keyboard dry before using it again, several days if necessary! In the event of a problem, you can always seek the help of a computer repair expert.

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