LG Gram Laptops: Everything You Should Know

Are you looking for a versatile and reliable PC? Available in different models with different sizes and functions, all the PCs in the LG Gram range have two things in common: their lightweight, and their excellent performance – powered by a very beautifully crafted Intel processor. A brief overview of the capabilities of these laptops in the original format.

A screen that sees wide …

First originality of the LG Gram range: the screen in an unprecedented format, with its 16:10 aspect ratio which thus offers more space and visibility for productive activities, as opposed to the standard 16: 9 we usually know.

The resolution of 2560×1600 pixels brings a beautiful image quality, and the refresh rate at 60 Hz allows dynamic and smooth animations. For work, for your games, or your films, this screen will therefore offer you sublime images.

… In a very light format

Despite this screen with maximum dimensions, the weight of the device is for its part very light. The 14-inch models weigh around 900 grams… And even the 17-inch model weighs just over 1 kg, which is very surprising (in a good way!) For a PC of this stature.

This will make it easy to take the LG Gram with you wherever you go, for telecommuting or even for your daily use. Especially since the computer offers very versatile performance, which will suit everyone.LG Laptops

Versatile performance

The LG gram range features an Intel 11th generation, with the Evo certification. This series of processors offers foolproof power and responsiveness. The computer turns on in seconds, and it responds to the finger and the eye, even on greedy software like Photoshop or Premiere Pro.

Associated with an SSD disk, the speed of which is greater than that of conventional HDD disks, this processor will suit a wide variety of uses, combining productivity, entertainment, or even gaming, as long as you choose a suitable configuration among the many choices offered by the manufacturer.

A configuration for every use

The LG Gram is available in three screen sizes, to satisfy all categories of users: 14 inches16 inches, or 17 inches. On the processor side, you can opt for the i5 or the i7, the latter being the fastest (to be reserved for pros or gamers).

Ditto for RAM, with a choice of 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM. Finally, from a storage perspective, you can go for 256GB, 512GB, or even 1TB.

Last choice: the color. Depending on your tastes, you can choose between a sober and elegant black, on the one hand, and a more original silver color, on the other hand. Clearly, you are spoiled for choice, and everyone should find their account!

High-performance connectivity

Performance is not limited to the processor. There is also a very complete connection, which is the same on all models in the range. The latter offers excellent processing speeds. There is thus an HDMI port, two USB 3.2 ports, two USB-C ports, and a 3.5 mm audio port.

Finally, the computer is compatible with the wifi 6 standard, which offers excellent browsing speeds. All these options again contribute to making the LG Grams very versatile computers, which we want to recommend to all users, whatever their use.

Smart features

The design of the computer is designed to facilitate its daily use. You can thus count on a large touchpad and a large format keyboard, for better typing speed, even on the 14-inch model. The speakers feature DTS: X technology which allows spatialized sound in 3D, for better audio quality.

Finally, a fingerprint sensor allows secure unlocking of the machine. In short, despite its portable format, this range of computers clearly has it under the hood!LG Gram

The battery goes the distance

Last but not least: excellent autonomy. It goes up at 7 pm on the 17-inch model, around 10 pm on the 16-inch… And for the 14-inch, it is approaching 25 hours! What to hold (very) largely a whole day, and this without any problem.

Especially since all the models in the range offer fast charging: 30 minutes is enough to regain 4 hours of battery life. As such, the LG Grams are therefore among the champions in their category, with one of the most powerful batteries on the market.

So what’s our verdict? With the Gram line, LG caters for just about everyone, and does it really well! Its lightness and compact size make this laptop clearly worthy of the name; while its processor offers, whatever the configuration chosen, enough power for all your uses, whether personal or professional.

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