Which is the Best TikTok Bot?

They are currently no less than 60 million users, young and old, individuals and professionals, who have chosen to join the TikTok community. Despite its recent arrival on the market, the app continues to shake up the world of social media. Know that you can find it more easily and take full advantage of this tool by opting for a bot. But which one to choose? To help you, we have tested a few options available to you.

Jeffrey, the TikTok bot guaranteed to increase the number of followersThe best TikTok bot

After opening your TikTok account, are you looking for additional options to ensure the effectiveness of your presence on this social network? Jeffrey is the first one you need to think about first. Why? It is indeed a real personal assistant on this medium, automating your engagement and, in turn, allowing you to obtain monthly thousands of real followers who are part of your target population.

If you want to know how this bot actually works without having to commit money, note that a 3-day free trial is offered to you by its publisher. It’s up to you after to register in return for a monthly budget of $19 or not. Note that this registration does not require you to provide your credit card information.

To take advantage of Jeffrey’s services, you will need to go through the following steps after this subscription:

  • Connecting your account to the publisher’s secure system
  • Validation of your profile
  • Tracking of your targets’ accounts by the bot and unfollowing those after they have viewed your profile


AutoTokker TikTok bot, an assurance of increased engagementAutoTokker

Before performing our tests, we scoured the internet to find out which bots are best suited for TikTok and AutoTokker was always one of them. This service gives the possibility of seeing the number of views, subscribers and engagement on this social network increase exponentially. It is a bot that focuses mainly on the “follow/do not follow” engagement technique.

The TikTok bot works as follows: the service will follow other people through your account to obtain the same favor in return. Otherwise, it will take care, always automatically, of your unsubscribing from these accounts. It is, therefore, one of the bots that most respects the natural engagement process, which is why the publisher of this bot never promises an immediate result. This, of course, reduces the risk of obtaining false engagements which are not, in the end, fruitful.

The choice of people targeted by AutoTokker is not made in a haphazard manner. The bot always seeks to know, before following them, if they are likely to be interested in your content. If for the settings, your opinions are requested, for the rest, you can sleep on both ears and will not have to connect all the time.

Behind a TikTok bot with recognized effectiveness, however, often lies a more prohibitive price, and this is confirmed by the need to spend $29.99 monthly to take advantage of Autotokker. However, many experts find that this price is reasonable given the high rate of successful conversion with this tool. This price does not only include the technical follow-up/follow-up service, but also the customer support available at all hours and 7 days a week.


Instamber, a new bot that has shaken up the old onesInstamber TikTok bot

It is one of the newest among the most used bots with TikTok and other social media. So why do we put it among the tools we prefer the most? The promise of attracting you real fans effectively is surely something there, but it alone does not sum up what is behind the success of this bot. This promise is accompanied by actions intended to fulfil it. To allow you to have more followers and likes on your TikTok account, Instamber will perform targeting based on information about you, citing only your gender, location, language and hashtags.

Instamber stands out from a good part of its competition for the ease of the process to take advantage of it. This actually happens as follows:

  • Registration on the dedicated site
  • Adding your TikTok account to their database
  • Configuration for optimal efficiency of the connection of your account to the Instamber service

After this third step, you can totally leave it to the bot to implement a strategy to effectively reach your target audience, while you engage in other activities. The conversion rate is also very high for this tool, but the only downside is its very high price compared to much of the competition.

Its cheapest package, which includes two months of email support and regular growth reports and targeting of its target audience via trending hashtags and usernames, costs $30. This is reasonable given the effectiveness of this tool. Moreover, by opting for a 6-month subscription, you will only have to pay 80 dollars. This last formula is therefore the most advantageous to enjoy the benefits of this bot.

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