How to Download All Videos on TikTok with 4K TokKit?

TikTok is revolutionizing the “social media” scene with its social network, which has easily crossed the bar of one billion users worldwide. The most downloaded application, TikTok, is attracting more and more brands and many influencers in passing.

If Instagram was so far the platform hosting the most influencers, it’s a safe bet that it will balance out with TikTok in months and years to come.

To fully exploit TikTok, there had to be solutions adapted to the social network, which allow users to manage TikTok better and allow the downloading of videos.

This is possible thanks to 4K TokKit, a software that allows you to download all TikTok videos in a few minutes.

What is 4K TokKit?

4K TokKit is a solution to download Tik Tok videos in batch. Search for an account or content via a hashtag and select the videos to download. Start by downloading the software.

4K TokKit becomes the leading downloader for all TikTok videos. You can thus download the different challenges, videos linked to hashtags and music/songs (tracks) found on the network. It is even possible to suck up all the videos of an account identified on TikTok via its username.

Overview of 4K TokKit and its features

We are going to see how to download TikTok videos using 4K TokKit. First, install the software and launch it. On the window that will open, you will immediately have a small, relatively simple to understand video tutorial that will launch the first time to show you the procedure to follow.

Before doing your first research, make some settings in the preferences. Access the preferences from the top menu > Tools > Preferences or from the control panel accessible at the top right by clicking on the avatar.

There are two main elements to consider. Your downloads folder and the order in which the videos appear in the selection window. The others are up to you; choice of language, updating videos and what is related to the execution of the application and future Beta versions.

The License tab on the left is where you will manage the premium functions of the software following the acquisition of a license. You will need to activate it here after clicking on “Get a license.”

Folder of your downloads

This is where you will choose the folder where your videos will be downloaded. Be careful to provide enough storage space because the videos will quickly weigh several hundred Megabytes (MB) depending on the quantities downloaded.

Ideally, provide an external hard drive if you plan to download them regularly and in quantity. For a community manager who would use it as a source of inspiration or to keep a backup of the TikTok accounts he would manage, for example, this will remain the best solution.

Sorting downloads

Indicate here the order in which the TikTok videos that you want to download will appear.

  • Most recent first
  • Oldest first

The most recent will appear by default, but you can always re-sort the videos when they are displayed in the center of the window via the sort icon (the 2 up and down arrows) at the top all TikTok videos at once with 4K Tokkit

Research in 4K TokKit

In the central field that will appear after validating your preferences, simply enter a keyword to allow you to find everything associated with it.

Searching by keyword, whatever it is, will allow you to bring up all the accounts, hashtags and songs attached to it. Simply click on it to open a new window showing the videos to download.

From this menu, you can make several choices:

  • Watch the video: It will be played on your player (you can also do it by clicking directly on it)
  • Show in Finder: Identify the video on your hard drive
  • Show on TiktTok: Show the video directly on TikTok as below (no need to log in)
  • More: Allows you to copy the link or caption.
  • Share on Facebook: Sharing the video on Facebook
  • Share on Twitter: Sharing the video on Twitter

Here is a short video guide on how to download all videos from TikTok at once with 4k TokKit:


This is a perfect tool for creating video files for personal or professional use if you are looking for inspiration. You can simply retrieve all the videos from one or more account(s) managed as part of a community management mission, for example.

The only small improvement that I will see immediately, and which could happen in a future update, is the possibility of directly viewing verified accounts in the search. It is difficult to sort out when you are looking for a person or a brand without knowing the official name of their account.

Otherwise, 4K TokKit is a must have to download all videos on TikTok.

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