Where to Download Royalty-Free Music for Your YouTube Videos

Copyright has been greatly expanded by YouTube. So much that simply uploading a video with a popular song in the background can lead to monetization issues and other derivatives. Therefore, if you are thinking about editing a video and uploading it to the platform for any reason, the best option is to use royalty-free music.

Websites offering royalty-free music have become popular on the Internet thanks to YouTube’s success and monetization. Today we bring you some of the most popular free music sites. So stay with us and open them up.

The Best Platforms to Download Royalty-Free Music for YouTube

You just need to download music content to accompany your videos. You can download licensed music for free. This allows you to use this music commercially because you will monetize the video. Here are the best platforms to download them:

  • ccMixter: This allows you to download without even creating a user account. You have a simple search engine and platform with a wide range of sounds.
  • Moby Free: One of the most famous platforms, this renowned platform brings you the best music soundtracks ideal for films and documentaries. This platform is for non-profit films, so you cannot monetize your video. It only keeps you free from a copyright strike on YouTube and other platforms.
  • Museopen: It gives us all kinds of artistic content with many different search engines, and you don’t need to create a user account either.
  • Free Music Archive: Another of the most popular. Its songs are selected by radio station WFMU, royalty-free, and there is no need to create an account to access.
  • Incompetech: It’s not easy to use and not the most attractive. This platform has a lot of music and effects created by Kevin MacLeod. The raw ones are sometimes easy to use.
  • BenSound– Another easy-to-use platform with a wide range of royalty-free music. You don’t have to create an account to download them.

Here you can download royalty-free music for your videos. Hope this post was very helpful to you.

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