6 Different YouTube Advertising Formats

YouTube offers its users various advertising options. It is up to you which variant you choose. We would like to introduce you to all formats so that you can get an overview of your options and make your decision better.


On YouTube, display ads are shown to the right of the main video, directly above the video recommendations on the side. This type of display is particularly suitable for display on computer and laptop desktops. The common sizes here are either 300 x 60 or 300 x 250 pixels. Because display ads do not appear in the video, they are not perceived as annoying and still catch the eye.


In contrast to the display ads, overlay ads appear in the lower part of the main video. These are also delivered on computers and laptops and can be either 468 x 60 or 728 x 90 pixels. The overlays are either banners, text, or animated banners that the user can close manually. Because this type of ad appears in the video, this variant is an attention grabber. Users can therefore find them very annoying under certain circumstances. However, increased visibility can definitely be achieved with the overlays.


The skippable video ads are displayed in full screen before, during, or after the main video and can be up to three minutes long. However, the user has the option of skipping the promotional video after just five seconds. This form of advertising is suitable on computers, laptops, mobile devices, television, and game consoles. Since this type of YouTube advertising is very conspicuous and has to be actively skipped by the user, it is on the one hand very effective and on the other hand, can be very annoying to viewers.YouTube advertising formats


Even non-skippable video ads are displayed in full-screen mode regardless of the device. This form of YouTube ads is also displayed before, during, or after the main video, but with the crucial difference that the user cannot skip the advertising here. Non-skippable video ads are typically up to 20 seconds long and are one of the most unpopular forms of advertising for YouTube users. Although the advertising effect is significantly higher by not clicking away, this often creates the possibility for users to forego the video completely. The aim here is to advertise as entertaining as possible, which can generate the user’s attention.


You can also serve this type of YouTube advertisement on computers, laptops, and mobile devices. Bumper ads appear before or during the main video and are up to six seconds long. Also known as mid-roll advertisements, they interrupt the main video. The user has to accept these commercial breaks to be able to continue watching the video. As a result, this type of advertising that cannot be skipped is particularly effective. However, in combination with other advertisements, it can lead to the user still foregoing the content.


Info cards are small call-to-action teasers that appear for a few seconds in the main video at the top right. By clicking on these info cards, users can receive relevant additional information on the video content. One cannot click the ad away. After a certain time, a symbol appears in the form of an “i” for “information”. With a mouseover or a click, the user can see all the contents of the info cards. This form of advertising is also suitable for computers, laptops, and mobile devices and is possible in various sizes.

Since this type of advertising is very discreet and the user can decide for himself whether he would like to accept the information offer, users also find info cards less annoying. Many use them when marketing certain products in videos and additional information about these products offer the user added value.

What is the cost of YouTube advertising?

For the choice of a platform and the design of advertisements, the price is of course also decisive. As with advertisements on Facebook and Google, the price and costs of your advertising on YouTube also depend on the respective advertising format and its length, your budget, and the duration of the advertising campaign. The timing of the placement can also influence the price. It is important to know, however, that you only pay if users also view, click on or interact with your advertising.

Conclusion: YouTube Advertising

Creating a YouTube ad isn’t really difficult, but it does require a creative ad to actually reach your target audience. So use the advantages of moving image ads and create rich and entertaining content. In addition, you should always keep an eye on the monitoring so that you can also find out whether your campaign was successful. Based on the data, you can then see which ads are working well on YouTube and which are not. From this, you can in turn derive insights for yourself and continuously improve your advertising.

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