How to Download a Webinar and Review it Locally

In the two-year period 2020-21, online seminars became an indispensable part of training and promotion. Most companies have had a webinar. This plays a key role in disseminating content for customers, as was already the case for the various tutorials.
This year, characterized by repeated periods of closures and limitations, forced the transition to virtual modes.

Nearly a quarter of people using webinars look for ways to review the seminar they previously attended. The interest in this mode of use is high. However, this process is, in some cases, inconvenient, as the replay requires, in most cases, the registration to a portal, preventing its sharing.

It must also be considered that replays are often merged with the browser and therefore cannot be stored in the hardware memory of the device.

Here are some useful tips to proceed with downloading a webinar to review later.

Save the webinar starting from the screen recording

It is a procedure that requires an APP designed for recording the screen during games with video games. Among the many, the most suitable is OBS Studio, free and efficient. This APP allows you to select, record, and save the contents presented in a specific area of ​​the desktop, also allowing you to save the audio track.
This method also has some critical aspects, such as the time taken for recording, which occurs in real-time.

Webinar on YouTube

In the case of webinars delivered on the corporate YouTube channel, the situation is different because there are online solutions that can save a copy of the content starting from the URL. An example is 4K Downloader. Even NoTube offers the same service but turns out to be less practical due to the particularity of the formats chosen during registration. And finally, Savefrom among the simplest that allows you to save from different sites. In this case, we are talking about a paid service in relation to the video quality chosen.

Webinar recorded from source code

It turns out to be the most sophisticated method that requires the use of developer tools activated in the browser to ensure operation during registration.
Several operations must be performed.
1. Open the webinar URL.
2. Click on the F12 key to access the developer tools.
3. Select “Media.”
4. Click on F5 to refresh the page.
5. In some cases, different types of formats are visible. Now open the video in a separate tab.
6. Save the video using the right mouse button.
It should be noted that this methodology is not allowed in any case.


Having seen some ways to download a webinar, it is useful to know that many production houses release reduced versions at the end of the seminar so that you can share and learn more.

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