What to Do If You See ‘Content Not Available in Your Location’ on Netflix

Netflix is ​​a platform with many users and is present in many countries. It is one of the best entertainment options, but unfortunately, some content may not be available in your country. Why is Netflix not letting you watch content from another region? How can you change the country of your account? How can you unlock content from other countries? Stick around and keep reading the article and you’ll learn what to do if you see content not available in your location on Netflix.

Why doesn’t Netflix allow you to watch content from another region or location?

Streaming platforms have changed the way to watch series, movies, and documentaries. They have become the favorite space where you can get the best entertainment. Netflix falls into this category, a medium that in such a short time is positioned as the best of all.

You can easily download Netflix movies and series on your PC. One detail that you should know is regarding the availability of content, which may not allow you to see content from another region, but let’s see why this situation occurs.

Content licenses of each country

Streaming services such as Netflix must acquire a license or permission that allows them to stream that content on their platform. But generally, in this medium, those who distribute the content to these platforms market the content transmission permits with each territory. For this reason, audiovisual content may be available in one country and not in another. Without that license, they can’t stream a certain show if it’s not allowed in a certain country.

Copyright of the content

Each producer of a movie or series has the right to that content that they have produced and edited. As exclusive owners, they decide to whom they want to sell that content. This is what is known as copyright. Many times, film producers prefer to maintain control over their productions, so Netflix, by partnering with content producers, may only acquire it for one country.

In addition, Netflix also owns exclusive rights to several series and movies that are shown as originals on the platform because they have produced them. You can consult the Netflix help center to solve any other problem that your account presents.

How to fix Netflix ‘content not available in your location’ error?

Although the Netflix service is present in many countries, particular content may not be available in a certain location. Here’s how to fix this issue.

Change your country or region in your Netflix user account

First of all, you should know that to change the information about the address of your country or region you can do it as long as you really live in that country. Otherwise, you cannot do it because Netflix tracks your IP from where you connect to see the content of its platform. If you haven’t moved, you can’t change the country of your account.

How to unblock content from other countries on Netflix?

The content available in your Netflix account library is different from the content of the Netflix account of your family member or friend who resides in another country. So you might want to watch a movie that was suggested to you by that relative but it is not available in your country. What you can do to be able to watch Netflix content from other countries is ​​to use a VPN. That way you can hide your location and you can enter Netflix and see content from all countries.

These VPNs leave no trace of your activity on the platform. You can look for a great VPN, but keep in mind that not all of them provide access to Netflix. You should only download a VPN that is secure, reliable, and works with Netflix. After downloading and installing it, proceed to connect to a server and sign in to your Netflix account and start exploring all the entertainment options from all regions.

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