How to Watch or Stream Netflix on Sony Blu-Ray Player?

Watching or streaming Netflix on a Sony Blu-Ray player is pretty simple. You need to consider a few details and voila. You can find a wide variety of Blu-Ray models compatible with this option. We will explain how to do it later.

What do you need to watch Netflix on a Sony Blu-Ray player?

The first thing you have to consider to stream on a Sony Blu-Ray player is that some details determine whether you can do it or not. The number one thing is to get a Blu-Ray model that is compatible with Netflix. This is quite easy to determine.

On the official Netflix page, you will have access to a list of which devices are enabled for the Netflix playback option (This is a list similar to that of finding better movies on Netflix). Most of them are designated under the acronym DLN (Device Ready for Netflix). This gives them the ability to use the option of “Instant View.”

Taking this into account, the next thing will be to create a Netflix account of the “Unlimited” type. This is because it is the only account compatible with this type of reproduction. Once you have the account, you only have to register the device. To do this, go to the account settings.watching Netflix

When you are there, you must access “Activate a device ready for Netflix,” then, you must put the security code in Netflix, of the device. This is usually in the equipment’s instruction manual or as a card inside the packaging.

Remember to connect the device to the Internet, either via cable or wireless connection. As soon as you have done all this, it will be possible to start using Netflix on a Sony Blu-Ray player in the simplest way.

What do you have to do to stream Netflix on a Sony Blu-Ray player?

Well, once the system is complete, it only remains to determine the correct way to watch the movies and series of your choice. This process is quite simple. You will only need to enter Netflix from your computer.

First, you should look inside Netflix, in its wide and varied catalog, for some movies that you want to see, but keep in mind that not all of them can work. Those movies found in the “Instant View” section are the only ones that can work on your Blu-Ray.

These movies will have a button, usually blue, that changes if you leave the course on for a moment and say, “Add to instant queue.” As soon as you press this button, the movie will be in a playlist that you can watch on the Blu-Ray.

To undertake this, you only need to press the “Netflix” button on the device control or access through the menu of the device. Being inside the Netflix menu, you have to choose the movie you want to see, and voila, you will be using Netflix on a Sony Blu-Ray player in less than you think.

Why use a Sony Blu-Ray to watch Netflix?

The main characteristic of any Blu-Ray is the quality in which they can reproduce a movie. Most of them reach Ultra HD or 4K. This streaming platform takes advantage of this feature to provide a catalog of movies and some series that can be seen in this quality. In fact, it also allows you to watch movies and series in the hidden categories, all in the best quality.Netflix viewing

This way, many of the platform’s content is available with this quality normally desired by many. But there are several details to consider regarding these titles and their quality.

Netflix requires a fairly fast connection so that movies can reach 4K quality, around 2.5 Mbps if it is standard quality. This figure is quadrupled if you want to view content in 4K, reaching 10 Mbps as a requirement for optimal quality.

This detail is usually interesting when deciding whether to use this platform through a Blu-Ray or with any other device. Keep in mind that many connections these days can reach this Mbps measurement, so it really isn’t that scary.

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