BeReal: The Revolutionary Social Network

BeReal is the new fashionable social network! Released in 2020. The application is a huge success with all age groups, and we owe that to Alexis Barreyat. The young man has implemented a concept that is innovative, simple and effective: a snapshot of his day. So, let us discover this nugget. Let’s go!

Who is Alexis Barreyat

A graduate of 42, the school of developers, Alexis Barreyat knew how to get out of the game. After leaving school, he succeeded in being hired by the GoPro group as a video producer. Fan of extreme sports, this opportunity is a chance for him. This allowed him to make promotional clips for extreme athletes. However, he noticed something: the spectators were watching their screens rather than the sporting exploits that take place in front of them. And there, a concept was born: BeReal. Live the moment.

BeReal and its spontaneous side 

The new social network, therefore, emerges from the idea of ​​not taking too much time but still insists on sharing. Considered to be “anti-Instagram”, BeReal does not require more than 2 minutes a day. The application is not energy-consuming and requires less participation.

Its purpose is not to steal time or attention, but to distract for a few minutes. Spontaneity advocates. With BeReal, you have only 2 minutes after receiving the notification to share a photo of what you are doing. 2 minutes, not one more. The front and rear cameras activate showing what you are doing and where you are doing it. In addition, by sharing your photo, you can finally have access to your friends’ photos.Is BeReal safe?

BeReal also has other features. You can also find a comments section on the application. The latter will allow you to chat with your friends and comment on all their photos in real time. In addition, the BeReal map is also available, which gives you the possibility to see where your friends were during their daily BeReal. Latest feature: RealMojis. Useful for reacting to a photo using one of your selfies! 

Against false illusions 

The concept of BeReal stems from an important position taken by its creator. By insisting on this rapid dimension of the photo and the time spent on the app, Alexis Barreyat shows his disagreement with other social networks. It goes against the current in the face of the motivations of networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

These operate on the principle of false illusions and the manipulation of attention. Their goal is to keep individuals on the platform for as long as possible. While, BeReal insists on showing a quick moment of life, and then returning to it.

In addition, BeReal is really against this “appearance” perspective. No filter is available on the platform. This is a quick shot, at random times, without preparation. So, here we are very far from the retouched photos of Instagram which suggest a perfect life, that in no way reflects reality. This is what makes BeReal successful: its honesty.Be Real app

A crazy success  for BeReal

BeReal has over 5 million downloads since its launch in 2020. Today, the social network has more than 2.5 million active users every day! These figures show that BeReal surpasses Instagram in its early days, which is very promising.

The app has become popular in the US over the past few months. The success of BeReal now offers it the possibility of exporting itself abroad and continuing its ascent internationally.

BeReal’s rise doesn’t seem to be slowing down. After having conquered the hearts of the French, it is now the Americans who succumb to the charm of the social network. The spontaneous side of BeReal is what makes the application famous. It’s the perfect way to keep in touch with your friends without being superficial and without taking too much time.

Here’s a snippet of what the app looks like:

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