7 Tips for Making Your Idea Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest Idea Pins! It’s the all-new kind of content you can create on Pinterest. Initially called “Story Pins” for a few days, Pinterest preferred to change the name of this new type of content.

An interesting feature to use in your community management.

Idea Pins on Pinterest

A little reminder of what Pinterest idea pins are because nothing to do with the stories you know. On Pinterest, idea pins have a very long lifespan. This new content allows you to embed up to 20 elements, images or videos, in a single Pinterest post. You also have the possibility to edit your text, description, and layout directly on the platform.

To tell a story, do a step-by-step guide and, above all, bring new visitors to your Pinterest page. This is the ideal format!

Therefore, we will explain to you how to gain visibility thanks to these 7 tips for succeeding with your Idea Pins on Pinterest.

1. Don’t overlook tags on Pinterest

By specifying carefully selected tags, you will reach the audience most relevant to your content and what you offer. So think carefully about the tags you want to use, test if you have more than 10 possible choices to find out which tags will work best with your content.

Tip: There is no point in tagging topics that have nothing to do with you to try to conquer a different audience or even larger ones. Using tags relevant to your niche will make your content reach the right people who are likely to be interested in what you are doing.

2. Focus on video in your Pinterest Idea Pins

There are a few safe bets on social media, and video is one of them. A video captures more attention and retains the audience longer, so it is a format that you absolutely must not do without when you publish on social networks!

For example, you can put a video as the cover of your Idea Pin to grab attention directly and get the user to click to see more of your content.

Tip: If you post Idea Pins with audio, be sure to add text to capture the lyrics so you can reach people watching without audio.

3. Use the idea pins feature thoroughly

Pinterest allows you to post up to 20 items in an Idea Pin? Use these 20 items.
Pinterest lets you add a list written to indicate additional elements? Complete this list.

Just as the algorithm will encourage the latest features, the platform doesn’t set a limit to sanction you. It often pays to use 100% social media functionality to make its content work well with algorithms.idea pins

4. Get inspired by what works

With Pinterest Idea Pins being a new feature, it’s hard to take a step back on what might and might not drive engagement. You can, however, draw inspiration from your own news feed:

  • What are the Idea Pins that stand out and are put forward?
  • How are they built?
  • How many elements are there?
  • What theme (s) are they working on?

Analyze what your competitors are doing. There is bound to be something you can learn to make better content.

Here are some suggestions for Pinterest Idea Pins:

  • Detailed cooking recipe (use the list to fill in the ingredients for your recipe);
  • Describe one of your projects step by step;
  • Make a DIY tutorial (use the list to indicate all the items you used);
  • Make a product catalog;
  • Tourist guide for a particular destination (with the points to visit absolutely);
  • Tell his story.

5. Take care of the cover of your Idea Pins

Like everywhere, it doesn’t matter how good and amazing your content is. If it doesn’t appeal to anyone, you won’t get far. Take care of your Idea Pin cover photo or video, catch the eye of a visitor scrolling down to convince them to click on your content and read more.

6. Don’t skip the text on your Idea Pins

Text added to your Idea Pins isn’t just used to caption a video. Indeed, it also serves as a search tool for Pinterest.

The words you use on your pins are like the keywords in an article for Google: see it as a way of doing SEO, which is rare to do on a social network.

7. Respect the technical specifications of Pinterest 

It is important to respect the specificities recommended for your Idea Pins so that they are rendered optimally. Here’s what Pinterest suggests:

  • File type :
    • Image: .bmp, .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .webp.
    • Video: .mp4, .mov, .m4v.
  • Video encoding: H.264 or H.265.
  • Maximum file size:
    • Android and iOS: 16MB recommended.
    • Web: 20MB maximum for images and 100MB for videos.
  • Video duration: between 1 and 60 seconds.
  • Resolution: 1080 × 1920 pixels (9:16 ratio) recommended.

In conclusion

The Idea Pin is the new type of content available on Pinterest, and one thing’s for sure – you need to take advantage of it now!

It’s up to you to apply these 7 tips to make your Idea Pins a success and reach a larger audience.

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