What is a Multifunction Printer?

Are you a photographer and are you tired of having to print your photos in specialized shops? Do you want to print, photocopy or even fax documents but combining photocopier, printer, and fax is both expensive and cumbersome for you? Why not opt ​​for a multifunction printer? Focus on these hybrid printers!

The multifunction printer in a nutshell!

You very often hear about multifunction printers at your office… And you nod your head slightly, pretending to know what that covers? We will explain everything to you!

As its name suggests, a multifunction printer is a tool grouping together a plurality of functions ranging from classic printing to photo editing through the scanning of documents and photocopy and fax options. Whether you have a professional or personal model, laser or inkjet, most printers today are multifunction.

In addition to these relatively classic features, many models are equipped with Wi-Fi like the Canon Pixma model, an LCD screen that can sometimes be backlit and sometimes even a memory card reader.

A real gem of technology that has many strong points… but also weak points!

The multifunction printer: What are its strengths?

First of all, it is a question of highlighting the multiple strengths available to the multifunction printer!

  • The first thing that literally jumps out at you is the space-saving that such a machine allows. With no less (and sometimes more) than four all-in-one devices, the space savings are obvious. Especially since portable models that work using Bluetooth exist. Simply state-of-the-art!
  • The second advantage obviously lies in the reduced cost of purchasing one device instead of four. Some models even cost less than simple printers. The quality/price ratio of these models is simply enormous!

Weak points?

Nevertheless, such objects have Achilles’ heels to consider. As part of the multifunction printer, there are no multi-issues. The only truly noticeable weak point remains the failure.

All it takes is for your fax machine to crash, and you see yourself obliged to separate yourself from your printer, your photocopier and your scanner. A logistical problem that can become annoying if you don’t have several machines.

Nevertheless, new models are increasingly designed to circumvent this technical problem and only have to deal with breakdowns on limited occasions.

You now know everything about multifunction printers … All that remains is to make your choice! 

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