How to Deal with Drying Out Printer Cartridges

A common problem casual printer users encounter is finding that the cartridges are dry. Many people only print at home from time to time, and sometimes it only takes a few weeks without printing to dry out the cartridges and block the device. How to avoid this type of incident?

Maintain your printer by using it regularly

Despite numerous research in this direction by the various printer manufacturers, they are yet to market the process of preventing drying out printer cartridges on a large scale. A first solution thus involves prevention in the maintenance of the printer by using it at least once every two months, even for printing a single line. This operation prevents the ink cartridge from drying out. How do you deal with drying out printer cartridges

What if the ink in the cartridge has dried out?

If the printer can no longer print because the ink in the cartridge is dry, there are several tricks to try:

  • In the first place, it is necessary to use the function of cleaning or maintenance of the printer. Sometimes it can be enough;
  • If you fail to sort out the problem, a trick is to moisten the dry cartridge with a cloth moistened with hot water to unclog the nozzle blocked by dried ink;
  • Another remedy can be to put a few drops of a mixture of water and glass cleaner in the nozzle if the water alone does not to clean a printer cartridge

Clean print block and replace cartridges

Sometimes these methods do not work because the print block is also soaked with dried ink. It is necessary to proceed differently.

First, by dismantling the printing unit and removing the ink cartridges, then soaking them for several hours in an ink solvent.

Then, the replacement of previously dry cartridges may be advisable to maintain optimal print quality. If all these tips did not solve the problem, then it is necessary to contact the support service of the device.

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