How to Print From Your Phone Without Using a Computer

Digitally speaking, our main exponent, which we use every day, is the smartphone. This device has become everything we need to navigate various areas, even leaving aside the fact that they can call. Thanks to all this versatility, there are situations in which it is essential to print a paper document in a more or less emergent way. We tell you how to do it.

We are all accustomed to the norm that to print anything, you need a computer. It’s not like that since there are ways smartphones can send the order to the printer by themselves.

You can use default systems and even third-party solutions on your smartphone and, of course, a printer compatible with the WiFi system and remote access.

This feature we are talking about is present in Android and iOS, so you can do it regardless of the operating system.

Print from an Android terminal

The vast majority of Android terminals already come with their own printing system, which is usually in the same place for everyone but may vary slightly depending on the customization layer of each mobile brand.

To replace the defunct Cloud Print, since Android 8 Oreo and as a result of a partnership with Mopria, a fully native remote and wireless printing option is offered within the Mountain View system.

Thanks to this system, you can connect with printers on the same WiFi network and print what you need. It is a much simpler and faster way of printing than using the computer as an intermediate point.

The way to carry out this task is extremely simple. More or less, these steps are similar in almost all Android phones, although both the place and the name of the options may vary slightly:

  • You just have to go to the Settings menu.
  • Then click on the Connections-> more connection settings section.
  • In the window that appears, you will see how there is an option that says Printing.
  • Click on it and mark the default Printing Service as active.

Now that we have the printing system up and running, it is time to find out how to print.

As you will see, simplicity and ease are its two most accurate descriptions:

  • Open the document in question with whatever application, for example, one that allows you to see both PDF and DOCX.
  • In all these applications, such as the Google PDF viewer, there is an option in the menu that says Print, which you must press.
  • Once this is done, knowing that the printer is on and on the same network, it should appear as an option on the phone, so you only have to select printing

Third-party printing on Android

Another option in Android is to carry out this printing task from the mobile using third-party applications.

For example, many printer brands advise you to install their own programs with which you can print remotely. The negative part is that it only works for printers of that brand, and normally all of them work with the standard Google system.

This means that if you don’t have it activated, as we have already taught you, these apps may not work correctly.

You can always install applications like Mopria Print Service to get them to work with multiple types of printer brands at the same time, something that will be a huge advantage, especially if you use more than one printer and from different manufacturers.

Once you have this application installed, you must activate the printing service. That is, you must return to Settings, then More Connections, and then enter Printing to activate the new tab that comes out of Mopria Print Service.

To print any document with this system, you only have to choose Mopria Print Service to print them.

That is, we must follow these simple steps:

  • Open the document, PDF, or DOCX to give you an example with the app that you deem appropriate.
  • Select where to put Print to see how the system looks for printers compatible with Mopria Print Service, as it is our standard.
  • You only choose the one you want, and you will have your document printed.

Print from an iPhone

From the iPhone terminals owned by Apple, you can also print wirelessly and remotely any document you need.

Make sure that the printer you have is compatible with the AirPrint system (native system of Apple terminals), in addition to that the iPhone and the printer are connected on the same network.

To achieve this, the steps are very easy. You just have to do the following:

  • Open the app with which you want to print the document, considering that not all of them are compatible with AirPrint, so you must make sure first.
  • To find the print option, click on the app’s sharing icon (response icon or sharing icon) or click on the three horizontal dots.
  • Scroll down to the printer or Print icon, then press it.
  • At this point, press Select Printer to immediately choose a printer compatible with AirPrint.
  • You can be the ones to mark how many copies you want to make and other options, such as the pages you want to print.
  • The last thing will be to press Print in the upper right corner.

These are the ways we can use your smartphone, whatever the operating system, to wirelessly and remotely print any document or photo you want.

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