What Are the Risks of IPTV Streaming?

IPTV is, indeed, the holy grail in terms of media content. And if everyone who has an internet subscription can take advantage of it, some go even further. They don’t hesitate to get more channels than they are entitled to. But at what cost?

IPTV for more content

You have more streaming than on regular TV, so more choice. You have access to programs broadcast in other countries of the world, anywhere on the planet. This is exactly why people subscribe.

IPTV offers certain advantages for film lovers and those who only have TV for fun. They can have TV from their mobile, Smartphone or tablet, or from their Smart TV. And with the appearance of many Android IPTV boxes, for example, they are increasing further.

Android boxes for IPTV

Not all Android boxes for IPTV are illegal. In practice, it suffices to buy an IPTV box to have IPTV. And some are totally legit. You should know, however, that TV lovers are always looking for more channels and streams to read.

These boxes allow you to play channels that are not part of your subscription. They divert television streams and resell them on the internet. Some offer them at a very low price, others for free.

These boxes are offered by unscrupulous intermediaries on the internet. Many even sell them at half the price of a normal box. It is this need and this demand that allows illegal boxes to gain ground and be popular, even if it is totally reprehensible.the dangers of IPTV

The Risks of IPTV

1. Streaming illegal content (with or without your knowledge)

When you use a box to access IPTV channels that you do not have the right to, you are illegal. In the eyes of the law, you are a thief. Your contract prohibits you from certain channels even if your box allows it.

As your provider itself does not have broadcasting rights on the channels in question, you cannot have the authorization. These are usually Netflix US or Netflix China, or sports channels. The georestriction rule is valid for him as well as for you. So you risk:

  • Immediate termination of the subscription contract: you have not respected the terms of your contract, then the injured party, in particular your supplier, is in a position of strength. The latter can stop your IPTV and internet subscription altogether;
  • A lawsuit: as you are in an irregular situation, you should pay the price. Your supplier can sue. And that can lead to jail time. And obviously, you would have to pay hefty fines.

2. Risk of hacking your Android box

The risk of hacking is a technical risk. If you choose to subscribe to an illegal offer with an Android box, this risk hovers over you until the subscription is stopped.

You should know that the box can be a corrupted box, which only seeks to find the flaw in your security system. The objective of hackers and digital pirates being to read streamings from your box. They are looking for the code to access the Smart IPTV offers. We all know Smart TVs don’t have enough security. It also happens that they steal personal information to use it for their own account.

Thieves can simply cut off their subscription, knowing that they have access to all media and the entire Internet network. They may even use personal information to steal or scam other people. Many people have already been victims of this kind of situation via pirate boxes bought from China.

3. Collection of your data

Please note, IPTV only works with an internet subscription. So, just like your web browsing history, your provider is entitled to your IPTV browsing data. This right is granted to them under the subscription contract that you have signed. But why do they collect your personal data?

It is a matter of protecting cinematographic and audiovisual works first, and then of security.

Use a VPN to protect yourself

If these are the risks, it is possible to avoid getting caught. Many people use Android boxes to access IPTV streams without risking anything because they are using a VPN. Their internet network is protected from hackers, intrusions and data theft. Even their supplier is not entitled to it. The level of security depends on the VPN as does the ability to bypass geo-restriction.

All VPNs also hide your real IP address and give you one or more new IP addresses. Others offer an automatic function to delete browsing data. There are several, but the most secure are NordVPN, Cyberghost, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN. This is given for informational purposes only, and in no way do we advise it.

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